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This is good for me, right?

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We went out for Haagen Dazs for dessert tonight.. this was the left overs of
my caramel dulce split - about an inch of fairly solid sugary caramel. No
way was I eating that... !
29th Jun 2005, 02:38   comments (1)

What are the chances...

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I pulled these letters from the bag before my first move. Unfortunately,
since I wasn't going first and Kristy put down CORE, I couldn't use it (and
get my bonus 50 points) :-(
26th Jun 2005, 17:20   comments (4)

Now THAT'S an accurate fortune cookie!

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25th Jun 2005, 19:04   comments (5)

Red curtains.

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24th Jun 2005, 13:21   comments (1)

Summer fun

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22nd Jun 2005, 13:43   comments (4)

St Francis of Assisi

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21st Jun 2005, 12:53   comments (2)


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So who's this Paul Revere character? Without this little guide we would have
been lost in Boston. American history isn't exactly our strong suit.
20th Jun 2005, 15:14   comments (0)

Chicken Fajita

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I love Chipotle.
17th Jun 2005, 18:18   comments (1)