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I'm a British mathematician, been in the Netherlands for 35 years ("chercher la femme"). Recently became a double proud grandfather. Have a compulsion, but it's not secret, to want to correct miscarriages of justice involving abuse of science, see Dhamaka's plea

THE 9-11 was my 50th birthday. That's why I use it in my internet name, but English fashion, 11-9. The other part is my surname.

No-one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition

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Discovery Channel again (Terschelling)

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29th Dec 2009, 12:47   comments (1)

Ban the bomb

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National Geographic?

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Dacha visitor

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Seen yesterday at our allotment garden in Leiden, alighting on the frozen pond: a common snipe. Image was Google Image "snipe" first choice.

I had not seen a snipe so close by for 40 years (when I was in a bird-ringing club). We arrived simultaneously, were at most two meters apart; hard to say which if us was more surprised at finding the other there.
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House of orange

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Flowering orange in our conservatory. Grown from a pip, about 25 years old now. This is the first bloom ever. We are about 1 Km from Palace het Loo, built by William of Orange and Mary, 300+ years ago. The flowering oranges there are a great delight.

I should add that everything of beauty here was created by Mrs G.


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My mother gave us the bromelia 20 years ago. It has flowered every Christmas since then, nowadays with 4 or 5 blooms. The sanseveria is flowering for the first time, we've had this one for about 5 years now. Its spikes are more than a metre long. it reminds us of our children's teenager hair-style. English name: aspidistra, Dutch: vrouwentongen (women's tongues). The Christmas tree speaks for itself. The candles are real, of course.

Everything here created by Mrs G.

Christmas Eve

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Christmas tree, candlelight

More snow

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This morning (after the first washing) in our back garden.
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