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I'm a British mathematician, been in the Netherlands for 35 years ("chercher la femme"). Recently became a double proud grandfather. Have a compulsion, but it's not secret, to want to correct miscarriages of justice involving abuse of science, see Dhamaka's plea

THE 9-11 was my 50th birthday. That's why I use it in my internet name, but English fashion, 11-9. The other part is my surname.

No-one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition

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The remains of the day (2)

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More pictures from the scene of the Koninginnedag crime
2nd May 2009, 17:50   | tags:,comments (1)

The remains of the day (1)

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The scene of the crime (on Koninginnedag): "de naald", five hundred metres from our house and next door but one to the house where Karst Tate was living five years ago. His evening walk was the same as ours, except that he smoked marijuana while passing "The Needle". People are bringing flowers and paying their respects.

Sorry for the poor quality. Taken on my Nokia 6300. The glass lens cover is getting rather scatched. I wonder if it can be replaced.

[Karst lived in a very small single room at Bosweg 21 so had to smoke his joints out of doors]
2nd May 2009, 17:46   | tags:,comments (0)

Worried about climate change?

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I'm not worried by climate change. I'm worried by overpopulation - harbinger of the four riders of the apocalypse: hunger, pestilence, war, and death. Add pollution (air, water, earth, sound ...) while we are at it.

Actually better not to worry too much. Carpe diem!
29th Apr 2009, 13:13   | tags:,,,comments (5)

Giant eating babies

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Me in Bern, Swizterland. Feeling a bit uneasy because of Mexican swine flu. Is this the big one or do we have a couple more years grace? (One of my favourite movies is Twelve Monkeys).

Photo: Regina Liu (c) 2009.
27th Apr 2009, 12:48   | tags:,comments (3)


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This weekend while we were away, a newspaper delivery boy noticed a suspicious object on a side-table inside, at the window next to the front door. He alerted the police. The police came, the street was cordoned off, the neighbours evacuated, the bomb disposal squad, an ambulance, a fire engine, and more police came.

Read more about it here
24th Mar 2009, 17:57   | tags:,,,comments (5)


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Lausanne, taken by my wife Sophia, two weeks ago. Breathtaking.

I post it today because yesterday I saw a kingfisher flying along the water-filled ditch separating my summer house (allotment) in Leiden from the neighbour's.
10th Mar 2009, 08:08   | tags:,,comments (2)


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One of my daughter's latest works, now hangs on our hall wall, which is badly in need of decorating. This makes the painting look like a poster on the exterior wall of some tumble-down café in a little town in France. More of her paintings are to be seen at
10th Mar 2009, 07:50   comments (3)

If you go down to the woods today

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Happy grandson in the forest
8th Mar 2009, 13:55   comments (2)