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About Me:Darren P Millar

I'm a DJ from Aberdeen (Scotland) that's about me for just now!

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My Pet Hate: is TUESDAY, everything that has ever gone wrong in my life has happened on a TUESDAY! I hate it, it's now my day off so that i don't have to face the world! Don't make me have to suffer TUESDAY by asking me about it!!! I also dislike girls who drink pints, smoke and generally act like men!!

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Flyer Design....
23rd Jul 2006, 02:01   | tags:,,comments (0)

CSI Aberdeen

Well the very friendly forensics woman has just been and gone, she
managed to get some finger prints and took mine for ellimination! How
very exciting! And apparently they have caught the three buggers that
have caused all this!

Aberdeen Beach Works.... Finished October 2006

Carmel Thomas... The reply...

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Recieved today at 14:10

Hi Darren,
Love the website, really made me giggle when I read the Alfie bit, did not even know it was on the bid website!
Great website, keep up the good work. You and your girlfriend look so sweet tog too.
Carmel xx

Original Post

FOR SALE!!! Digi-Slave L Ring 3200

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Got this going spare, they retail for about $290/160GBP... Yours for only
90GBP, there are two of the 32 LEDs dead... Was like this on arrival!

Does not affect the performance of the unit, just doesn't look as impressive when lit infront of your friends! if you are interested let me know!

Product Page!
21st Jul 2006, 09:04   | tags:,,,comments (5)

Car Break in! :(

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At 7:30 this morning i (and mcgandhi) were woken up by extensive buzzer use! It was only the second blast that woke me up! It was "the police" wanting access to the building so, of course it was granted! He walked up the stairs and was quite inquisitive as to weather or not i lived here! Worried, mcgandhi said, "yes" and i emerged from my pit half clothed! The policeman then proceeded to tell me that my car had been broken into! the scamps had tried to start the car and had failed! Luckily seems to be very little damage though, but i'm not allowed to touch anything until forensics get here!

Not my car pictured! will wait til forensics to do their job first!

Carmel Thomas

(viewed 4382 times)
Irish and lovely and on TV now!!!