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"If you are foolish enough to be contented, don't show it, but grumble with the rest."
Jerome K. Jerome

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The sun splashed down the steps

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I really ought to make the effort to get to the park more often on my lunch break. It was gloriously sunshiny yet hardly anyone else had thought to go :)
3rd Jul 2009, 14:32   comments (0)

Yesterday we went for a b'cycle

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in the Peak District, which was fab! Great company, gorgeous views, nice weather and a bit of exercise thrown in. I did, however, hugely oversleep this morning and am feeling a bit creaky...

I wonder if anyone's noticed I'm wearing a tablecloth to work today?

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...which I am...except it has been cunningly transformed into a dress. My first proper sewing project since Bartholomew the Puppet :)
19th Jun 2009, 12:05   comments (10)

Loose Lips Sink Ships

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Some new stencil graffiti in the alley by my house. A few years out of date but still; better than the usual profanities :)
17th Jun 2009, 14:58   | tags:comments (1)

Hey, dollface

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I usually find older dolls really rather sinister, but there's something I like about this one. Maybe it's her lipstick. Alas, she's not mine.
6th Apr 2009, 12:20   | tags:comments (3)


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My meeting on Friday was at this glassmaking cone... The sun was out, there was a canal for the walking-along-of, AND it had a cool giftshop. Nice :)
6th Apr 2009, 12:16   | tags:comments (0)

Rogue States at the Civic Hall

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Mr Goonflower's band finally got to play a venue big enough to contain their songs last night. It sounded great and the crowd seemed to like it. Please support them, so i can retire...

Singing at my local

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23rd Feb 2009, 13:58   | tags:,comments (0)