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"If you are foolish enough to be contented, don't show it, but grumble with the rest."
Jerome K. Jerome

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How family-holiday-retro. The Tower, WInter Gardens, and Sharon the Baron in search of the sea.

The Morning Mauling

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When Hekta stays over, her morning is not complete without excitedly jumping all over you, nose in face, just enough to thoroughly wake you up, before collapsing in a sprawled-out heap and snoring for many hours. She has an amazing ability to shuffle a person out of bed by gradually snuggling closer and closer until you pretty much have to get out of bed before you fall out.
29th May 2008, 12:53   | tags:,,,comments (5)

Een molen!

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I found a windmill! That's a lie. My drunken friend thought he saw a windmill but coudn't remember where, so I made it my mission to track it down. And here it is, in someone's back garden!
Ik zag een muis! Waar? Daar op de trap... Oh if only there were more use for the only Dutch I know than some insane rambling song about mice in klompjes...
8th May 2008, 19:22   | tags:comments (1)

Elements of my sunshine

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That's my feet in the Arbo where I had my lunch, some bluebells in my garden, and of course, a cheeky gin when I got in from work :)
8th May 2008, 19:16   comments (0)

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

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The photos are rubbish I know but still... after resigning myself to the fact I couldn't afford the tickets, my lovely new friend Stella called a few days ago to say the person she was supposed to be going with had pulled out and did I want his ticket at no cost to me?
Well, twist my arm then... :)
It was the quietest gig, so mellow and intimate even in the cavernous NIA. AND they sang Black Country Woman and oiyam one of them, ar.
8th May 2008, 19:15   comments (0)

Family von Geek

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So I was out having lunch with this lot when the blond kid suggested we
visit the art gallery (bless the cultured child). I had no sooner
paused to look at a painting when they all evaporated. Turning around,
all three had simultaneously leaped onto separate Macs and were geeking
it up big style :-)

Act natural

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Didn't even notice that first photo being taken...
7th May 2008, 09:15   | tags:,comments (3)

York's gargoyles!

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30th Apr 2008, 21:36   | tags:,,comments (2)