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"If you are foolish enough to be contented, don't show it, but grumble with the rest."
Jerome K. Jerome

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ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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The local headlines today - the day after a multi-bus pile up left a bunch of people in hospital, the newshounds decided to sod that because THIS is the REAL news!
21st Feb 2008, 21:15   comments (2)

Spent FIVE HOURS at the hairdresser

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This was my entire Saturday. 12.15 - 17.20 spent in the hairdressers because I decided that Russian Hooker Chic just wasn't this season's hottest new look and I had to dispose of the chevaux rouges, which takes a long, long time. I now look roughly like I did before I dyed my hair red, just lots of pounds worse off. Ah well, you've got to try these things. The day went in several phases:

Phase 1: Toyah Wilcox (following the bleach shampoo - yikes!)
Phase 2: Edward Scissorhands
Phase 3: Robot

I don't have a picture of the finished effect because I had to RUN for the train, and so added a collapsed lung to the New Me.
5th Feb 2008, 14:07   comments (7)

The top of the hill, from whence it all went down...

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So we went out for Mr HippieJack's birthday, and Steph thought it only fair to introduce Slippery Nipples to the festivities. Bet you can tell which glass was mine... :-) It was all good fun until some local skinhead threatened Highwirer with a glass and a less than cordial invitation to a nearby alley, although this did prompt a fantastic answer to someone wanting a fight - "to be honest mate, I've got to be up for work in five hours, and I really can't be arsed". The evening finished with me in tears (there's always a girl crying, it's the Law of Nights Out) because my feet hurt so much from being cold, but not cold enough to numb them from the pain of my impractical shoes, which wouldn't have been a problem if the husband hadn't made me walk all the way home. As testament to just how drunk he was, he tried to carry me, ran into a wall, and I very nearly ended up vaulting over his head. All good fun...!
5th Feb 2008, 13:43   comments (6)

Friends in High Places

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Imagine my surprise when I looked at the husband's computer and saw who
was trying to Skype him...
16th Jan 2008, 13:14   comments (4)

Stuff that caught my attention for all the wrong reasons this week

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The top and bottom ones just made me chuckle.
Regarding the middle one...I was under the impression that it was current misconceptions about Christmas that brought about ridiculously irrelevant Christmas cards - I'm thinking kittens in sparkly jumpers, that kind of thing. But clearly, 100 years ago, NOTHING said "Let's celebrate the birth of Christ" like The Eccentric Nigger...*sigh* :)
16th Jan 2008, 13:11   comments (4)

The Doctor WAS in

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I noticed this graffiti on an autograph wall in a Birmingham theatre bar. Why am I NOT surprised...
30th Dec 2007, 14:18   comments (3)

I made kruidnootjes!

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I know I'm a little late for bona-fide Sinterklaas stuff like kruidnootjes but I LOVE these little biscuits and it's taken a while to get round to trying to bake some. I am SO proud of myself. A lovely Dutch friend got me a recipe, but all recipes include this mysterious "spekulaaskruid", a blend of spices crucial to the small-biscuit-making. So I tracked down instructions for a few blends, and made my own, then made my own kriudnootjes too! They are damned fine as well :)
30th Dec 2007, 14:16   comments (2)

New faerie lights

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or, potentially, a giant lighty-up corsage.
30th Dec 2007, 14:09   comments (2)