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Created on: 6th May 2005 (active for 15 years, 5 months) by moblog_staff

Last updated: 24th Feb 2007, 10:53

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Scoopt is delighted to be partnering with moblgUK to offer a direct route to market for newsworthy content!

You already know about moblogUK but what exactly is Scoopt?

Well, Scoopt is a citizen journalism agency that was created in July 2005 to bridge the gap between millions of people with cameraphones in their pockets and the mainstream media that increasingly relies upon their pictures of breaking news -- and, crucially, will pay top dollar providing this content is brokered by a professional agency.

So how Scoopt work?


First, join Scoopt. Membership is free and without any commitment. Then carry your camera phone (or a digital camera) with you everywhere and snap anything interesting and newsworthy that comes your way. Be prepared. You never know what's around the corner.


Now send your photo to Scoopt and/or to this Shared Moblog. Scoopt can accept photos sent directly from your mobile phone via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service, aka picture messaging) or via email. You'll find help with this in the members' area and in the FAQ. You can also upload photos directly from your computer. There is no charge to submit material to Scoopt, and there never will be.


This is our job. We'll do our utmost to sell your photos to newspapers, magazines, news organisations and other publishers. Each time we make a sale, we split the money with you 50/50. You don't have to do another thing – except, of course, keep taking more publishable photos.

And that's all there is to it.

Snap... Send... Sell!