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I just had another one of the nicest Tiramisu's I have ever tasted.

You get them in the supermarket in the fridge isle where they have the choc snacks and they are spongy and full of flavour.
3rd Mar 2008, 09:53   | tags:,,,comments (0)

OB Studio

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One of the studio's I do an outside broadcast in....cant get it to rotate however.
29th Feb 2008, 07:24   comments (0)

New 19" Monitor

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This is what my new 19" ASUS Widescreen LCD will look like.....this one has a defect however.

Seems the store that I got it off has dropped the box and it has been dropped so hard that the top right hand corner has got a plastic rub mark and the frame is cracked in to the screen part.

Very annoyed! Wish I had of seen it before I undid the box!
28th Feb 2008, 11:53   comments (0)

TV Was On Again!

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Someone keeps wasting power at our work by leaving the TV on after they have finished in the studio's I work in.

I don't need the TV as it is a distraction from me monitoring the feed that I am paneling.
27th Feb 2008, 05:59   comments (0)

KitKat Drive Home

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Decided that a KitKat would be nice on the way home from Work this afternoon.....and they have a bonus deal where you get a free iTunes song.

Cant go wrong with that!

Not Quite Full

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The bottle of Vanilla Coke is not quite full since I had to do the Melbourne-Albury drive this evening with the addition to not feeling quite well.

320+ KM is in that trip but I did it in good time :)

More shots from Frankston

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Another shot from Frankston beach looking back towards the suburb with a shot of a footbridge by the beach.

Another shot of Frankston

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Another shot of the beach from Frankston

Lovely place really :)
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