Lorelei Complex

by halophoenix

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I am the stone that the builder refused
I am the visual, the inspiration
that made lady sing the blues
I am the spark that makes your idea bright
the same spark that lights the dark
so that you can know your left from your right
I am the ballot in your box, the bullet in the gun
the inner glow that lets you know to call your brother ’son’
the story that just begun, the promise of what’s to come
and I’m-a remain a soldier until the war is won

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Panasonic @ CES 2010 - greentech

(viewed 357 times)
Panasonic was making a pretty big green tech play this year too, and not just showing off their energy efficient plasmas, but also their other appliances and home energy saving systems.
8th Feb 2010, 00:29   comments (0)

Panasonic Lumix...underwater

(viewed 319 times)
I'm not normally a fan of Panasonic's digital cameras, but there's something to be said about being able to submerge one and it still works.
8th Feb 2010, 00:04   comments (0)

CNet's Best of Show

(viewed 329 times)
Shortly after I took this shot, some really nice Panasonic reps were chatting with me about what Viera really stands for (the answer is "Visual Era") and suddenly a massive entourage appeared as the Chairman of Samsung Corp came through with translators and guards to see what of their competitor's products won the award. Awkward.
8th Feb 2010, 00:03   comments (0)

Panasonic Plasmas with built-in Netflix?

(viewed 495 times)
Sign me up! Instant streaming direct to the TV? Sure!
7th Feb 2010, 23:55   comments (0)

Panasonic's Internet Connected TVs

(viewed 338 times)
Panasonic is also demoing wi-fi enabled TVs that have widgets built into the firmware that can do everything from grab sports scores to update Twitter for you.
7th Feb 2010, 23:53   comments (0)

Panasonic 152 inch HDTV

(viewed 586 times)
The image quality was absolutely stellar, I have to admit. But its a prototype: Panasonic says you'll never see this on a show floor.
7th Feb 2010, 23:50   comments (0)

Panasonic's world's largest panel

(viewed 305 times)
This baby was 152 inches, and cut from the "mother glass," or the same glass from which all of their panels are made.

It really was stunning to look at, and the max resolution was something like 4000x2000, or whatever the correct numbers for that resolution should be.
7th Feb 2010, 23:41   comments (0)

Avatar in 3D again

(viewed 311 times)
A better shot of the action.
7th Feb 2010, 23:36   comments (0)