Lorelei Complex

by halophoenix

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I am the stone that the builder refused
I am the visual, the inspiration
that made lady sing the blues
I am the spark that makes your idea bright
the same spark that lights the dark
so that you can know your left from your right
I am the ballot in your box, the bullet in the gun
the inner glow that lets you know to call your brother ’son’
the story that just begun, the promise of what’s to come
and I’m-a remain a soldier until the war is won

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That's ...room service, I suppose!

(viewed 506 times)
I saw tons of these driving around Vegas, offering their services...direct to your room or suite, if you call them up.

I...settled for knowing such a thing existed.
24th Jan 2010, 07:44   comments (0)

The Skyscraper Hotel and Restaurant

(viewed 2728 times)
I did a little exploring around Vegas that night, and passed the famous Skyscraper: the hotel and restaurant with the roller coaster and rides on the top level...outdoors!
24th Jan 2010, 07:40   comments (0)

The Wynn and The Encore

(viewed 469 times)
They're just really pretty hotels.
24th Jan 2010, 07:38   comments (0)

The CES arches

(viewed 440 times)
That was about it from the floor on Day 2. I headed back to the hotel at this point.
24th Jan 2010, 07:37   comments (0)

A pretty hot modded Lexus

(viewed 1206 times)
I don't even remember who's booth this was, but that was a gorgeous Lexus they had modded up there.
24th Jan 2010, 07:36   comments (0)

The Pleo is back!

(viewed 465 times)
Pleo was originally one of the first psuedo-AI bots available on the market: he responded to touch, changes in your voice, and how you handled him. Then the company that made him went under. Now he's back!
24th Jan 2010, 07:33   comments (0)

I met Keepon at CES 2010!

(viewed 654 times)
He was in the robotics area! He moved and reacted to your motions and voice! I was kind of fanboy-ey, but it wasw great seeing him in real life and up close!
24th Jan 2010, 07:31   comments (4)

Chevy Volt: front end

(viewed 517 times)
The Volt should hit show floors around the end of 2010, if you're interested in the plug-in all-electric.
24th Jan 2010, 07:29   comments (0)