Lorelei Complex

by halophoenix

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I am the stone that the builder refused
I am the visual, the inspiration
that made lady sing the blues
I am the spark that makes your idea bright
the same spark that lights the dark
so that you can know your left from your right
I am the ballot in your box, the bullet in the gun
the inner glow that lets you know to call your brother ’son’
the story that just begun, the promise of what’s to come
and I’m-a remain a soldier until the war is won

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PlaySeat - naked seat

(viewed 422 times)
Here's one of their seats without attachments. I'd put this at my desk, actually...maybe in a different color.
24th Jan 2010, 04:26   comments (0)

PlaySeat Flight Seat

(viewed 1549 times)
Here's an example of the flight seat attachments.
24th Jan 2010, 04:26   comments (0)

PlaySeat booth @ CES 2010

(viewed 420 times)
PlaySeat on the other hand, was much cooler and their reps were much nicer and eager to talk about their products.

They're working on gaming seat installations for console games but also on gaming seats with modular parts that also work for regular office PC use! If you want to game, you can flip up the attachments for your flight stick or race wheel and go to town.
24th Jan 2010, 04:22   comments (0)

CES Day 2 - xRocker Booth

(viewed 330 times)
I dug this; they have a stage called the Vibe that feels like a soundstage when you're on it. Shame though, their rep was sleazy and straight told me "We have a press kit, but we're not giving it out." Really? Okay then, no coverage for you.
24th Jan 2010, 04:19   comments (0)

Delicous delicious cake

(viewed 433 times)
It really was delicous. And not at all a lie.
23rd Jan 2010, 04:20   comments (1)

I ordered chocolate cake and this is what I got...

(viewed 359 times)
There was chilled molded chocolate walls on the side, and sliced bananas and strawberries on the plate, and chocolate sauce on the plate. It was delicous, but wow. I was expecting a slice of cake.
23rd Jan 2010, 04:20   comments (0)


(viewed 358 times)
I passed the one and only Margaritaville on the way back to the hotel! I should have stopped in for a drink.
23rd Jan 2010, 04:14   comments (0)

The Rockhouse in Vegas

(viewed 389 times)
Never been inside, but damn is the outside shiny looking.
23rd Jan 2010, 04:06   comments (0)