Lorelei Complex

by halophoenix

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I am the stone that the builder refused
I am the visual, the inspiration
that made lady sing the blues
I am the spark that makes your idea bright
the same spark that lights the dark
so that you can know your left from your right
I am the ballot in your box, the bullet in the gun
the inner glow that lets you know to call your brother ’son’
the story that just begun, the promise of what’s to come
and I’m-a remain a soldier until the war is won

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Iomega booth @ CES 2010

(viewed 365 times)
A good shot of the top of the Iomega booth. This was the first CES that Iomega had a substantial booth presence at for several years.
23rd Jan 2010, 02:30   comments (0)

Iomega @ CES 2010

(viewed 348 times)
Iomega's new hard drive lineup for CES; a few of their storage appliances and devices.
23rd Jan 2010, 02:30   comments (0)

Paisley Camcorders

(viewed 333 times)
From the show floor of CES 2010. Marketed to women, according to the booth info. Right.
23rd Jan 2010, 02:27   comments (0)

Kodak @ CES 2010 - logo

(viewed 379 times)
A shot of the logo above the booth.
9th Jan 2010, 11:30   comments (0)

Kodak @ CES 2010 - the waterfall is popular

(viewed 417 times)
Clearly. People stood around and played with it for ages, much to the chagrin of the reps, who didn't get to talk products with most people much.
9th Jan 2010, 11:28   comments (0)

Kodak @ CES - back to the waterfall

(viewed 402 times)
Another look at the waterfall, and the discs flowing down from it. If you grabbed a disc and thew it back up the waterfall, you scored points!
9th Jan 2010, 11:27   comments (0)

Kodak @ CES 2010 - 3

(viewed 405 times)
Here I am at one of the side touch-tables, enjoying the all-finger multitouch, learning about some generally boring cameras.
9th Jan 2010, 11:26   comments (0)

Kodak @ CES 2010 - 2

(viewed 332 times)
More people playing with it: if you grabbed on of the "discs" as it floated past, it would follow your hand, and if you brought it close, it would open up and tell you about the product you were touching.
9th Jan 2010, 11:24   comments (0)