Lorelei Complex

by halophoenix

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I am the stone that the builder refused
I am the visual, the inspiration
that made lady sing the blues
I am the spark that makes your idea bright
the same spark that lights the dark
so that you can know your left from your right
I am the ballot in your box, the bullet in the gun
the inner glow that lets you know to call your brother ’son’
the story that just begun, the promise of what’s to come
and I’m-a remain a soldier until the war is won

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office picnic

(viewed 557 times)
there are a beautiful fireplace in the pavilion, and we had plenty of firewood.

and, as you can see, marshmallows for roasting.
27th Sep 2009, 06:32   comments (4)

chick n' waffuls!

(viewed 1168 times)
remember what I said about being classy? Nevermind.

But damn if they're not delicious. WHAT I AM INGROUP IT IS OKAY.
11th Sep 2009, 00:55   comments (3)

celebrating the long weekend

(viewed 547 times)
I'm classy, dammit.
5th Sep 2009, 05:48   comments (0)

rigatoni alfredo

(viewed 679 times)
It's pretty obvious I've been on a cooking kick lately - this is rigatoni with a bacon alfredo sauce and topped with some fresh basil. I just thought it was pretty.
31st Aug 2009, 01:02   comments (0)

staying classy

(viewed 576 times)
a glass of wine, and a chill evening.
30th Aug 2009, 04:34   comments (0)

coffee order

(viewed 964 times)
My coffee order arrived today! A nice big box full of whole-bean, fresh roasted coffee in vacuum sealed bags.

Where's it from? A little company I love called Whiff Roasters:

I love their coffee AND their candy. ...which has coffee in it.
29th Aug 2009, 22:35   comments (2)

smooth IPA

(viewed 615 times)
3:30p ET....that's not too early to call it beer o'clock, is it?

I mean, they sent the e-mail around the office this morning at 11:03a saying the keg from yesterday afternoon's office brew tour was re-tapped...I was good, I waited a while 4 hours!
28th Aug 2009, 20:24   comments (0)

tesla roadster!

(viewed 1034 times)
I was on the way home last night and it took me a second to realize what kind of car I was behind: a Tesla Roadster!


All electric, no emissions, tons of power under the hood. A mean green machine! :D
28th Aug 2009, 15:09   comments (5)