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All I did was take pictures...
Sy Parrish

The copyright on these photographs belongs to me.
If you want to use them elsewhere contact me and we'll see if we can come to an arrangement.

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Santa's little helper

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Her first Christmas and we dress her up like this. She's never going to forgive us...

Merry Christmas everyone!
25th Dec 2010, 12:08   | tags:comments (4)

A grand day out

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Rose was born by caesarian section yesterday morning, weighing a healthy 7lb 13oz (or 3.58kg in new money). All going well so far, and we're hoping that Minkey and Rose will be home tomorrow*.

In other news, I'm considering becoming a surgeon because the outfits are so cool.

*EDIT 1: More likely to be Sunday now.
EDIT 2: Strike that, all were home on Saturday evening.
26th Feb 2010, 08:31   | tags:,,,comments (35)

Snow survival tips

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1) Get under cover
2) Hunker down
3) Stay on the roof
6th Jan 2010, 11:21   | tags:,,,,comments (16)

Matinee idol

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You'd never guess he'd just been caught chewing the Christmas tree.
23rd Dec 2009, 22:18   | tags:comments (15)

Wrinkly, twinkly

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On the scrap heap

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11th Nov 2009, 21:45   | tags:,comments (3)


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I was looking for something original to photograph by the Golden Hind in London. In desperation I resorted to abstract pictures of woodwork and reflections.


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St. Paul's cathedral back in August.