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All I did was take pictures...
Sy Parrish

The copyright on these photographs belongs to me.
If you want to use them elsewhere contact me and we'll see if we can come to an arrangement.

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The Simpsonizer didn't have a background of Mo's Bar so I had to go to the Kwik-E-Mart to get some brewskis instead. Oh, donuts, I want donuts too! More sprinkles! Mmm, snacks...

Underwater World

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As if Birdworld wasn't enough, there was Underwater World too!

Parrot prison

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If you can't serve the time, don't do the crime.
21st Jul 2007, 23:41   | tags:,,comments (5)

More Birdworld snaps

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I took the new toy so I was snapping away like a mad thing.


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A bit of aggro amongst the local herons.
21st Jul 2007, 23:20   | tags:,,comments (4)

Penguin Island

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I went to Birdworld today.
21st Jul 2007, 23:04   | tags:,comments (3)


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It's a (goes to Copper Underwing... I think.
21st Jul 2007, 10:08   comments (3)


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This fearsome beast is a dragonfly nymph as far as I can tell - if an expert can tell me more I'd appreciate it. There are several of them living in my pond, which would explain the sudden decimation of the tadpole population. I had a short internal debate about whether to even return this one to the water, but in the end the David Attenborough side of me won: this is nature at work, survival of the fittest and all that, so back in it went. I just hope the surviving tadpoles can swim very fast indeed.
20th Jul 2007, 20:23   | tags:,,,comments (17)