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I am Holly...
This is my moblog apparently..
Aidan is my boyfriend and he is fun! :)

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I study Film & Television studies at Northampton uni.. it's ok... it's a life!

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1st Feb 2007, 19:26   comments (3)


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I'm so excited!
21st July 2007!
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1st Feb 2007, 18:03   comments (7)


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We went to town and saw Postman Pat in TK MAXX.. his nose is so big!
Then we went to Costa and drank stuff :)
13th Jan 2007, 19:14   comments (4)

Last night

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We went to the penny and then the soundhaus...
Nuala and Rich didn't go to the soundhaus, and Kyle left early so it was just me & Aidan dancing... i think he was ashamed of me! Haha.
13th Jan 2007, 19:02   comments (11)

Eeek BL will not like this but whatever :D

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11th Jan 2007, 22:17   comments (7)

My egg!

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So BL bought me this... and you water it... and it cracks and then a bean comes out with a message on it.. then you plant the bean/egg for some kinda... plant. It's taking a while though. I think I killed it :/
11th Jan 2007, 22:15   comments (6)

I got a new phone! This is not it. This

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5th Jan 2007, 20:01   comments (3)

Idog love!

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Idogs make love too...
2nd Jan 2007, 00:59   comments (5)