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sunset trip to beachy head two

(viewed 701 times)
18th Jun 2006, 23:02   comments (1)

sunset trip to beachy head one

(viewed 528 times)
weird place to be. 20 people jump off the edge every year, on average.
apparently it's the most popular suicide location in the uk, and
second in the world. pretty though.
18th Jun 2006, 23:00   comments (1)

bon jovi two

(viewed 514 times)
some dodgy panoramic ones. i love the bowl, it's so... epic.
18th Jun 2006, 22:53   comments (1)

bon jovi one

(viewed 569 times)
hope you don't mind, stu :)
18th Jun 2006, 22:49   comments (0)

ikea boredom

(viewed 498 times)
followed by matress camping in the van because there was no room.. i
had to fit in there too, for over an hour!
18th Jun 2006, 21:57   comments (0)

just found this

(viewed 530 times)
from the distressing essay week..
18th Jun 2006, 21:51   comments (2)

and this... is why we're moving out as soon as possible...

(viewed 632 times)
(yes, that is the fridge. and yes, that is a bowl of human hair.)
24th May 2006, 00:05   comments (5)

*head explodes*

(viewed 598 times)
23rd May 2006, 20:46   comments (2)