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antony and chloe go shopping

(viewed 666 times)
20th Feb 2006, 23:22   comments (6)

don't look if you don't like blood...

(viewed 571 times)
cursed with the worst nosebleeds known to man. (sorry)
20th Feb 2006, 23:21   comments (7)

sugar puffs on an epic scale

(viewed 1004 times)
20th Feb 2006, 23:19   comments (2)

yessss. scrubs 3 and home-made dairy milk pretzels

(viewed 1090 times)
courtesy of the boy. yummy.
20th Feb 2006, 23:18   comments (3)

operation teddy rescue

(viewed 668 times)
2am, what else would we be doing..

teddy spotted from 3rd floor kitchen window, distress ensues.

1. approaching teddy
2. how we found him
3. teddy helping us make pancakes, the activity which was suspended
for operation teddy rescue
4. my teddy with his new friend

operation deemed a success.
12th Feb 2006, 01:39   comments (9)

infront of the hangars

(viewed 546 times)
9th Feb 2006, 00:43   comments (1)

my favourite buildings in the world

(viewed 704 times)
cardington hangars. photos of the inside to come tomorrow of the left
one, it's so amazing.
9th Feb 2006, 00:43   comments (5)

more cat, because she was being co-operative for a change

(viewed 856 times)
9th Feb 2006, 00:42   comments (5)