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the result of going to hit your boyfriend's leg (for his own good, to stop
him picking scabs), and him moving it, so the edge of your hand hits
his knee. which is apparently made of adamantium or something. so
fucking painful :p and i haven't even made my dinner yet, and this
takes forever with one hand :(
2nd May 2007, 22:49   comments (4)


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last one i promise..
27th Apr 2007, 18:16   comments (4)

the other half

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also the most tedious task in the world!
27th Apr 2007, 13:29   comments (5)

one half

(viewed 563 times)
27th Apr 2007, 13:26   comments (3)

and it's YUMMY

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shall report back tomorrow with progress!
26th Apr 2007, 20:15   comments (6)

goo becomes coloured, flavoured goo

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26th Apr 2007, 20:13   comments (1)

mini volcanoes

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they're so cool. and cornflour is so weird..
26th Apr 2007, 19:24   comments (7)

240 deg F

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26th Apr 2007, 19:22   comments (2)