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18 lost tourists in barcelona minus one taking a photo

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21st Jan 2006, 23:22   comments (0)

the airport's always almost empty this time of the year

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so let's go play on a baggage carousel, and set our watches forward
like we're just arriving here; from a past we left in a place we knew
too well
21st Jan 2006, 23:14   comments (1)

mvc closing...

(viewed 522 times)
the end of an era for all the cool kids in converse
21st Jan 2006, 23:06   comments (2)

getting carried away with wrapping up

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21st Jan 2006, 23:05   comments (0)

lego for christmas

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21st Jan 2006, 23:03   comments (1)


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21st Jan 2006, 22:54   comments (0)

lots to update

not necessarily in the right order, so let's just start with new year, shall we?
hooray for uv lights, poker, people, and the horror of the boy as beer
goes flying from someone's hand..
21st Jan 2006, 22:27   comments (1)

annd more

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14th Dec 2005, 00:06   comments (1)