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mcr 2

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the drummer was in the middle of the fire somewhere. poor thing always
seems to be in the middle of the flames, they cancelled some gigs
because his leg got burnt filming the last video..
22nd Mar 2007, 02:09   comments (0)

my chemical romance + thursday

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thursday weren't as good as i remember them being last time, but that
was a few years ago, and the brighton's centre's massive compared to
the astoria, so the sound wasn't that great..

mcr were great though. gerard got wheeled in on a hospital bed, and
they played through the entire black parade album, went off, got
changed, declared the black parade to be dead and then played another
40 mins of stuff from the last album. hurrah.

1. look at the pretty starry background :)
2. even prettier confetti cannons, which you don't really get very
well in the photos
3. more confetti

why do phone cameras always make bands look about 10 times further
away than they are? bleh.

22nd Mar 2007, 02:08   comments (3)


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lemon drizzle cake, to be more accurate. yummy :D
21st Mar 2007, 00:12   comments (6)


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apparently having an accidental 2 hour nap this afternoon didn't leave
me in the best of moods
21st Mar 2007, 00:10   comments (1)

yes, he's nearly 21..

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(the old 'colander helmet' in case you can't see..)
21st Mar 2007, 00:10   comments (1)

mothers day flowers

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21st Mar 2007, 00:09   comments (0)


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at the weekend my brother's safe weighing more than a person arrived.
he didn't appreciate my willingness to take photos of them struggling
rather than actually help get it upstairs..

sooty didn't think much of it either, but she did like the box it came in!

21st Mar 2007, 00:08   comments (4)

the other

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21st Mar 2007, 00:06   comments (1)