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16th Sep 2006, 16:09   comments (2)


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31st Aug 2006, 00:32   comments (0)

what else are monday nights for

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if not for making bodies to set on fire and throwing lightbulb-petrol
bombs all in the name of photography and graphic design..?
31st Aug 2006, 00:31   comments (0)

the waiting drove me're finally here and i'm a mess

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31st Aug 2006, 00:24   comments (0)

can you guess what it is yet?

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31st Aug 2006, 00:09   comments (2)


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5. their napkins have the bar's number printed on like this, how cuteee.
- edit - just noticed you can't see the corner - there's a kiss under the number!

remind me to take anyone who comes to visit! it's down at the
marina too, not in town, so seems not to be that busy...
25th Aug 2006, 00:57   comments (5)


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2. they have the best lights, but because they makes such a nice dark
atmosphere i couldn't get any photos of them in focus! but they're
massive clusters of the huge dim bulbs with the filament visible..
and more little lampshades hanging from the top of the bar, which is
also awesome.

3. they have a frickin' FIRE PIT on the middle table! with a huge
roung bubble-shaped chimney, it's amazing!

4. they have the best cocktail selection i've ever seen, with
really unusual stuff.. i had a 'lychee breeze' martini, which is lime
juice, malibu, lychee liqueur, lychee puree and mineral water if i
remember rightly, my perfect drink! and yummy it was.

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