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Muslim School children gets their own bus attackd by goons

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Upon being scolded by the escort conductor for deliberately breaking a couple of glass panes of the bus, Jamianagar bound Muslim school children called up bike riding goons over mobiles to attack the school bus they were riding home.
11th Feb 2014, 13:44   | tags:comments (0)

Kids of laborers enjoying horse ride

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29th Jun 2013, 16:18   comments (0)

Earning daity bread in bus.

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Any place is a good place .

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8th Jun 2013, 17:39   comments (0)

Mullaji checking genuiness of Rs.1000 net

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Mullaji Phal Waley is a famous name in our locality. I caught him un aware a few moment back consulting a passer by.
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8th Jun 2013, 16:17   comments (0)

The only water hole in the area provided by M.P Parvez Hashmi

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3rd May 2012, 07:06   comments (0)

What kind of place is Okhla Vihar?

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Affluent. Rarely any building less than 5 storey.

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20th Apr 2012, 16:11   comments (1)

15.4.12 Voters checking their names Voters list.

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Ishrat Begum from Samajwadi Party is now Muncipal Commissioner from our Ward#206

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20th Apr 2012, 15:23   comments (0)

Muslim atrocity pre-empted .

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Same tenement . Note the upper and lower bolts. The top bolt was cleverly removed and clump cleverly jammed. The tenent after changing couple of locks to remove his doubts seemingly of, firtuve entry in his absence. and fast depletion of money meant to meet daily expenses settled for a Chinese lock of which you can't get a duplicate key made. Previous tenent underwent similiar experiences. The anti climax was that an old cooking gas bottle was planted in his absence. He was mercilessly beaten up and thrown out even before he could discover theft that had been committed in the meanwhile. Victims in this tenement have always been educated and not hailing from U.P and Bihar.
20th Apr 2012, 11:05   comments (2)
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