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Pic from Luxembourg show

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This is one of my pics of Imogen show in Luxembourg

Please come back here !


Hotmail arrive sur votre t?l?phone ! Compatible Iphone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, ?
8th Apr 2010, 15:36   comments (1)

Immi in Munic March 3rd 2010 - Cafe Ampere

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Ha - got you,
finally i found the right place, where i can send my personal Immi-
tour experience to.

It really was so worthwhile yesterday im Munic!
Finally - Ellipse is the perfekt sound for a 250 km-ride through the
Believe me - especially when you got that very special personalized
The one with the silverpen!

Here are my Immiandmepics - they are not focused - thats true...
My old samsung did it's best...really!

By the way - whats that perfume that you are wearing...
It fits!

Hope to see you again

4th Mar 2010, 11:18   comments (0)


(viewed 2644 times)

I'm Maurizio from Italy, i'm a young rock producer, and I'm a great imogen
heap fan since "speak for yourself".
It's about 2 weeks since i bought "ellipse", and for me it's been like a
"god's gift" 'cause it arrived me while i was producing some death metal
I had listened everyday the whole album before and after 10 hours of death
metal stuff in the studio. (i'm a cool death metal producer, but it's quite
tiring to i need somenthing quiet to listen when i'm driving).

Yesterday night after my fantastic "gnocchi al ragu'" dish @ my home , i
thought that " Tidal" could be perfect for a rock remix, 'cause it seems to
be a hidden rock song,
But, how can i have vocal tracks without instrumental parts?!?!??

After some minutes i had the solution, i took the original "tidal" track and
the instrumental track from my double cd pack, and i subtracted them,
the result was a quite clean vocal track,

so i've done it!

Here it is, 7 hours this night on my mac programming drums and playing bass
and guitars, and re-arranging some parts.... mixed and mastered with a home
software and shitty monitors but it sounds quite good.
I really enjoined this song, and i hope you like this rock version.

I would be glad if somebody from imogen heap listen to this song, just for
hope to see you in london on february

Maurizio B.
Vicenza (Italy)
10th Nov 2009, 14:29   comments (8)

Immi Pictures

This is from Immi's concert at Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA 1/14/2006 a tad bit blurry but great pics regardless.


J.M Eischen
27th Apr 2009, 20:27   comments (1)

Speak for yourself Vinyl

(viewed 3710 times)
Hey there, i'm a Graphic Design Student from Chile.
For a class i had to make a vinyl record of my favourite singer, i chose Imogen Heap of course.

I still have to finish some details, but i'm quite satisfied with the results, it took me some time to make everything hand-made! (Yup, i painted everything and made the letters, then scan and edited).

Is there any way Imogen could see this? I would love to read her opinion!

24th Nov 2008, 23:07   comments (4)

Illustrator - Imogen Heap Portrait

(viewed 3463 times)
Hi, my name is Bristol Dunlap. I am an artist from Hawaii who recently envisioned a portrait of you, I'd love to get some feed back from you or know what you think of it...don't worry, if you don't like it that wont stop me from loving your music. *I attatched a picture of it, the portrait is also posted on my blog (the link is below) Thank you, Bristol Dunlap
22nd Aug 2008, 01:12   comments (4)

Have you heard 'Hide & Seek 2'?

(viewed 2728 times)
The people who got it on iTunes seem to like it...!
7th Aug 2008, 22:41   comments (4)

iBlog Entry: Full Circle

(viewed 4969 times)
Click here to read the blog entry.
16th Jul 2007, 10:20   | tags:,comments (7)