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sunny days are here again

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waitin on my mom.
waitin on time to pass so you could come.


smile, though your heart is aching.
3rd Apr 2009, 05:06   comments (0)

late night conversations.

(viewed 414 times)
on the phone with m'lady.
not somber.
just late.


but i love her.
1st Apr 2009, 03:50   comments (0)

baby's first present.

(viewed 471 times)
my former art teacher is the coolest.
she is married with child and lives in red hook.

her kid is gonna be super cool.


indie fresh
30th Mar 2009, 18:22   comments (0)

taken at 11:11; youre my wish come true

(viewed 424 times)
cant get you off my mind
youre like my favorite song.


shorty make me smile when aint a damn thing funny.
30th Mar 2009, 16:14   comments (0)

i think ill try defying gravity

(viewed 368 times)
in math class, bored.
reading leo tolstoy's anna karenina.

mr cicero is lethargic at best.


...let me stop
30th Mar 2009, 15:52   comments (0)

darkness falls. as does the sky.

(viewed 423 times)
its raining
its pouring

the old man is snoring.


30th Mar 2009, 01:31   comments (0)

me & you together, picture perfect.

(viewed 352 times)
a stick figure rendition of my girlfriend and i.
im on the left.
29th Mar 2009, 19:56   comments (0)