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Hi, I'm Courtney, 29, Eugene, OR.

I currently live away from home, and so I post a bunch of pictures of me and my stuff, since my family misses lookin' at me. Good thing I love blogging and taking strange random pictures on my cell phone... It works out beautifully for everyone. Well except some people try to cover the camera lens but I'm sneaky!

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I'm all busted up as to whether I can post these on MySpace

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So I thought my hair looked really cute last night when i put it up. I then of course immediately started taking pictures… and here's what happened. I think they're good. Artistical even.

Yes, some people would judge. But I need to quit being so afraid to be me. And besides, those people don't check my moblog. I mean, I know for sure I only have one viewer. Hi bro, here's my obligatory(?) bathtub photo!

think I'll sit on the rest of them for awhile.

hey. STOP JUDGING omniscient anonymous internet! There's absolutely nothing even showing, unedited. Geez!
6th Dec 2008, 05:33   comments (1)


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the deviled eggs that I OCD'd over for a good 30 minutes and nobody ate but me
6th Dec 2008, 03:50   comments (0)

I want this plant in my yard

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Stand O' Food

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is seriously my most favorite shitty video game ever
12th Nov 2008, 02:58   comments (0)