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Hi, I'm Courtney, 29, Eugene, OR.

I currently live away from home, and so I post a bunch of pictures of me and my stuff, since my family misses lookin' at me. Good thing I love blogging and taking strange random pictures on my cell phone... It works out beautifully for everyone. Well except some people try to cover the camera lens but I'm sneaky!

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Guess where we are

(viewed 477 times)

just guess. I'll give you a clue - check the weird hair action
22nd Jun 2008, 05:32   comments (0)

I broke my glasses this weekend

(viewed 566 times)
Very soon after Miss Danielle fixed them back to perfection after years of being crooked. Sad face :(

17th Jun 2008, 05:05   comments (1)

I LOOOOOVE Fashion Deluxe

(viewed 341 times)

Matt you would too eg. this pimpass grey hat that i didn't capture well in this picture
17th Jun 2008, 02:46   comments (0)

We need this tie

(viewed 326 times)

17th Jun 2008, 02:46   comments (0)

Love this print

(viewed 297 times)

but it looked so itchy
17th Jun 2008, 02:45   comments (0)

Fashion Deluxe was so incredible

(viewed 295 times)

The awesome sales clerk gave me a first-timers discount AND a free BADASS brown corduroy jacket.

And we also got to meet Andre here. He was a nice boy, I wish I had a crazy little dog just like him.
17th Jun 2008, 02:45   comments (0)

Andre attacking Dan's rad jacket

(viewed 304 times)

17th Jun 2008, 02:43   comments (0)

he kept picking up his leash and attacking it

(viewed 273 times)

17th Jun 2008, 02:43   comments (0)