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We must respect the other fellow's religion,but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.

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Feel my pain 2, the other side...

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29th Jul 2008, 20:39   comments (14)

Feel my pain.

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29th Jul 2008, 20:37   comments (3)

Things I found on the continent(s)

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The top "thing" is a "Super Funny Children's Toy" ... apparently. What you
do is set up the train tracks, put your little Geroge Bush on his big tank
with his big machine gun and then you put your little Osama Bin Laden on his
little, um, skateboard and then set the motor going. Que HOURS of fun
watching Bush Chase Osama around the track.

The other things are 1) 1 Fez (from Morroco) 2) 1 dagger (from Morroco) 3)
Some limited edition Ralph Steadman booze (empty...)with the addage "Good
people drink good beer" from the old man Hunter S. Thompson (from

There were other things but they aren't as fun. They're girly.
17th Jun 2008, 19:02   comments (2)

June 19th at the Buffalo Bar...

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Bit of a tiz when the HEADLINE band backed out two weeks before the gig but
we've the inimitable Mama Shamone taking their place.
As you can see the flyer is done by our very own Judo Jule (although I had
to add in the MS stamp thing...

Big City Redneck Presents at teh Buffalo Bar

June 19th

Mama Shamone
/> "Put Mama Shamone on at any venue and they are likely to take the roof off,
this was one of the best live shows I've seen in years - certainly one of
the best in London. In my opinion these guys are destined for greatness, it
felt like I was witnessing history being shaped-something was just so right
about what they were doing up there." Vibe Bar

We Yes You No
/> "We Yes You No sing about the end of the world, the end of everything. But
in an apocalypse that would sound like this I would buy god's last EP" – Big
City Redneck

/> ""The verbosity of funk, the poetic twang of intelligent pop. The bridge
between Franz Ferdinand and Smashing Pumpkins perhaps" – Bugbear

DJ: Dirty Omar

BCR Presents Big Bad Love

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Big City Redneck delves into the seedier, saucier and more salacious side of
Rock 'N' Roll for this monthly gig night. Big Double Bass Rock and Roller
surf headliners Tom Allalone and the 78's, the last ever London date for
art-punk upstarts The Flesh Happening, and finally the rum soaked
shanty-hardcoreists The Owlls on first support.
Thursday, May 8


Buffalo Bar

259 Upper Street
Good Goshes! Could you really, truly, honestly ask for more? Expect lashings
of dangerous ROCK.
Tom Allalone

/> The Flesh Happening - Last ever gig (unless you're in Sheffield!

/> The Owlls

/> DJ Tony Bones
?6/5 concession
5th May 2008, 08:35   comments (4)


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This is a picture of my gran when she was around 20 I think. She called it
"the face on the cutting room floor" - a take on the epic pub poem the face
on the bar-room floor.

I wish the genes had carried on, I'm not that fit.
29th Apr 2008, 12:07   comments (7)

Big City Redneck Presents Part III

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The third of the BCR Presents nights at the Buffalo Bar. Always good. Do
come along!

Nr. tube: Highbury and Islington
?6/?5 concessionsRosalita
/> http://www.rosalita.co.uk/
/> "Madness meets the Mode/Depeche Madness. On Manga Girl the singer even
yelps, you know, like Adam Ant used to. They love 1981." - Paul Lester,

The Laurel Collective
/> "The Laurel Collective are 6 nice, affable young bachelors and two sick,
ultraviolent delinquents who play a simmering stew of musical influences." ?
Channel 4

The Great Statesmen
/> "The Great Statesmen live show is more than just a gig - it a full body
workout with a massage at the end. Go and see them if you get a chance" ?
10th Apr 2008, 18:33   comments (1)

Big City redneck Presents part deux

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The second Big City redneck Presents promises to be even bigger than the
first! Come on down!!!

Buffalo Bar
259 Upper Street
Nr. tube: Highbury and Islington
20th March
?6/?5 concessions
Doors: 8. 30pm ? 1am

Facebook group:
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ide1351104=nfThey Came From The Stars I Saw Them
/> "One of the highlights of my year, without a doubt. Visionaries follow their
muse regardless of the world around them and that couldn't be more true of
they came from the stars I saw them... Numbering as many as 30 in the past,
they've now trimmed down to a more manageable four-piece, but their music is
still as astonishingly catchy as ever, somehow combining krautrock, space
rock, free jazz, soul and funk into a pure pop concoction... with brilliant
titles and wonderful, hypnotic singalong tunes.... ahead of their time...
John Kennedy on XFM and in Dazed Confused

White Man Kamikaze
/> "They got the voice of the Pistols and the sound of the Clash. It's a dream
combo and to hear is to believe!"
Who's Jack

Shimmy Rivers And And Canal
/> "Most likely to be mistaken for some kind of typo, Shimmy Rivers and and
Canal have a bi-weekly show on Resonance FM and a great retro website. Can
one band really sound like Nick Cave singing in the B52s?"
Drowned in Sound

Bow Mods
/> "What a great record!"
Tom Robinson, BBC6MusicDJ: Richard Artrocker
17th Mar 2008, 13:42   comments (0)
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