Dammit, Janet.. I love you

by i want to be a cowgirl

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We must respect the other fellow's religion,but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.

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Cigar and Brandy's at the Biddles

(viewed 1847 times)
And I'm blonde........
15th Mar 2005, 15:32   comments (5)

Yet more

(viewed 1071 times)
of the Jodicia.. She has many faces..
9th Mar 2005, 02:11   comments (0)

Money Shot!

Am I allowed to show this one???
8th Mar 2005, 23:32   comments (10)

Baron Zach and myself..

(viewed 877 times)
Lets get DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8th Mar 2005, 23:03   comments (1)

My mama

(viewed 1211 times)
Cool lady: FACT.
8th Mar 2005, 22:50   comments (4)

My mates always want me to help with their porno promos

(viewed 1645 times)
Or rather, they keep getting me to take pix for their boyfriends... like
they've never heard of camera timers.
5th Mar 2005, 16:51   comments (6)

Amputee Gym

(viewed 957 times)
What can I say - it's exactly what it says on the tin... Although they
wouldn't let me go look. Bah Humbug nursey!
4th Mar 2005, 20:08   comments (3)

It's a flamenco!

(viewed 778 times)
My mate James had his birthday at a flamenco madness/salsa night in the West
End... flamenco dancers are scary people... They all looked really angry
when they were stamping and swishing about... Really, really angry
4th Mar 2005, 20:07   comments (0)
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