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Morning Rising

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8th Jun 2009, 08:03   | tags:,,comments (2)

Random Beach Activity

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1st Jun 2009, 09:21   | tags:,,comments (2)

The Boat

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1st Jun 2009, 07:14   | tags:,,,comments (2)

Red Tonight

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This city offers a beautiful symphony of light at night.
Those lights from the street, cars, buses, office buildings, and even from the small stalls at the street side, were trying to connect each other performing a mysterious pattern among its citizen. In the old time, this kind of job was performed by the fireflies. But now, modernity is just too arrogant by take over one’s job. No wonder we hardly find the fireflies today.

One way to enjoy this “live performance” is by having dinner or a cup of coffee in a café. The café that located in the downtown allows us to enjoy the night life peacefully – free from vehicle’s emission and their buzz sounds. This could help us release the work stress or any spinning thought and refresh our mind for a moment.
28th May 2009, 05:53   | tags:,,,,comments (2)

At Night

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~ As the night down to hide the sun, the street starts to lighten the day ~

This city never sleeps. It always beats, giving the pulse for its people to keep searching around – even to the deepest corner of it. What do they search? Why do they search?

Since the beginning, this city has offered many dreams to its people. The city is like a helping hand who tries to give hope for the fall one. And the most important, this city spread escapism to every one thought – as it whispers: inside of me, you’ll never be alone.

Absorbing people’s desire, the city has grown time over time. Like a hungry monster, it always looking for its prey. Then the city continues to lure more people to come in. Like a spider web, the city trapped all the wondering soul.

Grow and grow.
To fulfill its lust, the city grows uncontrolled.
It has no more shape. It loses itself.
And it evolve into a giant balloon – big from the outside, but vulnerable within.

------ oOo ------

In front of me there are two actors among this huge perform stage. The first actor is role as a fried rice seller, and the second one is a beverages seller. In this city, it’s pretty easy to find another person who shares the same role as them. So if you wander no where upon this city at night, and suddenly you feel your stomach starts to rumble, you need no worry. Just keep walk along the street, for not far away, there should be a fried rice seller.

Equipped with a small carried wagon and a lantern, the fried rice seller move toward the street and starts to search. They search for hunger people. For some cases, the fried rice seller picks a spot or specified area and sold their rice there. Usually, for this type seller they share the area with another seller, i.e. the beverages seller.

And now I sit here, try to breath in a polluted air - looking the city at night. Cars, buses, motorbikes, and people, they move really fast, meanwhile I sit still in here – unmoved. My mind starts to wander along the city. Sometimes I don’t even understand what my mind thinks. All just like an abstract picture. I think this city has already whisper to me. A whisper that chanted me for not stop wandering.

Crossing The Morning

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...and the train goes by...
19th May 2009, 03:07   | tags:,,comments (7)


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The billboard on the bottom left says: "You're tax help in developing Jakarta".
The picture is took in one of Jakarta's busy district. Even in a public space, the presence of Government does (still) exist. As if they remind the people not to forget in paying them.
"Hey, which of Jakarta is developed with our tax??!", suddenly a silence word yelled out somewhere on the street...
15th May 2009, 10:35   | tags:,,comments (4)