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werchter - main stage

(viewed 432 times)
as the sun goes down..

top = arctic monkeys
bottom = PEARL JAM coming onstage!
3rd Jul 2007, 10:57   comments (0)


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just got back from this totally totally amazing festival in belgium. 4 days of sheer awesomeness.

top = tentpitching
bottom = bob & me (main stage in the background)
3rd Jul 2007, 10:47   comments (0)

within tent

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i don't know why i'm wearing those sunglasses, why dom is topless, nor why we are shaking hands
11th Jun 2007, 10:42   comments (0)

stokefest 2007

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wooooo! this awesome little festival was yesterday, it involved looking at ourselves in helium balloons (top) and dancing in a big tent (middle and bottom) to people like gilles petersen and the mules. lovely.
11th Jun 2007, 10:40   comments (0)

the masked ball

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going to a summer ball tonight and it's a MASKED ball. not sure that the organisers had this kind of mask in mind though, but that's not going to stop me wearing it.

i thought about painting something onto it but i really like it just white. v is for vendetta anyone?
8th Jun 2007, 11:08   comments (2)

light bulbs with wings!

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was at a seminar this morning in one of the conference rooms at the globe theatre on the south bank. check out the mystical chandelier!
7th Jun 2007, 16:23   comments (3)


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top: jo does a very good impression of "alan brooke"

5th Jun 2007, 13:45   comments (0)

how to ride a statue

(viewed 525 times)
you have to make it your bitch, that's the key..
4th Jun 2007, 10:37   comments (1)