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more pics of so so modern

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14th Apr 2007, 06:16   comments (0)

laura's birthday meal

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went out last night to BELGO in camden, and there are loads of awesome words in the walls! please find here a small selection.

then there's the birthday girl laura after eating a big bit of chocolate cake without using her hands. aaaah.
13th Apr 2007, 10:01   comments (1)

so so modern

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following on from dookerdoo's words about them yesterday.

great new young kiwi band - check them out. genii. matching hoodies. mmm.
13th Apr 2007, 09:28   | tags:comments (0)


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found out about this rock night happening just round the corner from me on good friday so i dragged my bro & a few mates down to it.


music = AWESOME, the DJ must have been of a similar age to me as he was totally playing stuff i LOVED when i was about 18 (and still do now really)

people = not so good. we were pretty much the only people there who looked older than 16. lots of teenage groping and amateurish beer swilling. urgh.
12th Apr 2007, 21:19   comments (0)

tales of the riverbank

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well, canal bank really. took my bro for a bike ride along it from islington to hackney on friday. glorious it was, you should all go check it out, it's beautiful.

that's a plant shop called growing concerns ARF ARF ARF
10th Apr 2007, 10:20   comments (1)

balham dusk

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top = the sun setting over the balham skyline... quite a nice shot i thought (check out the plane!)

bottom = al in our rehearsal studio with a small wall of amplifier
3rd Apr 2007, 09:13   comments (1)

dog sculpture

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i think that they must worship canines in east dulwich. check out this weird sculpture i found in the park:

a big (bronze?) dog in a slightly undersized kennel that has a smaller dog shape cut out of the side of it
3rd Apr 2007, 09:11   comments (0)

saturday night/sunday afternoon

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top photo = we tried to go to this squat party in some derelict building on holloway road at about 1:30am and there were about 50 riot police outside forming a big line across the road trying to shut it down! the whole of lower holloway road was closed off and there were big vans full of attack dogs.. mental. i got a kebab and went to bed.

bottom photo = went to lovely east dulwich to see my brother yesterday. check out this retarded punctuation, AT A SUPERMARKET NO LESS. you'd think they'd know better.
2nd Apr 2007, 09:46   comments (0)