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wing chun

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what a great poem

and classic "i'm ard" kung fu master photo too

the chief export of chuck norris is PAIN
21st Mar 2007, 10:07   comments (1)

al's A.S.T

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attention seeking trousers

it's snowing and we're about to cycle home, so a guy from our work let him borrow these babies...
20th Mar 2007, 16:49   comments (0)

my A.S.S

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attention-seeker's spectacles

found them in my parents' bathroom cabinet. lenses = clear plastic. no purpose at all, apart from to make me look more intelligent.

it works, no?
20th Mar 2007, 16:18   comments (1)

sights of kent #2: ashford retail village

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hell on earth
19th Mar 2007, 09:48   comments (0)

sights of kent #1: mote park

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aaaah this is our local park in maidstone, it reminds me of a lot of teenage stuff - i used to cycle through it every day to get to school, nonce around in it at weekends playing footie and pitch & putt, go there at night to snog girls...

happy times.

surprised they haven't turned it into houses by now
19th Mar 2007, 09:45   comments (0)

many ballards

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both my brothers were around this weekend so friday night saw us all hit the town for what is probably the first time ever (tristan - far left - is only just 18 you see)

needless to say, it was quality, and i am the best dancer
19th Mar 2007, 09:42   comments (0)

the mighty max

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went back to my folks' place for mothering sunday this weekend and my cat was fast asleep in this position.

18th Mar 2007, 13:35   | tags:comments (7)


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pretty much the best band in the world right now.

top = thom from hexicon sporting his NUMBERWANG tshirt (that his parents got him for christmas)

bottom = l-r: thom on french horn, paul on lead guitar, mike on guitar and lead vocals.

PLEASE go listen to this band.
15th Mar 2007, 10:19   | tags:comments (4)