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i am a geek child with a hairy man face

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went to see these guys last night in covent garden. friends of a friend. really really good, in a kind of supergrassy (but with the vocals of our lady peace) kind of way...
1st Mar 2007, 11:00   | tags:comments (4)

little man, you've had a busy night

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in the car on saturday on the way back from leicester after a fairly chaotic night out... it was all too much for poor bobby..
27th Feb 2007, 16:46   comments (0)

walkman sock

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my mate emily knitted a case for my cassette walkman. huzzah!
22nd Feb 2007, 10:21   comments (1)


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not the club, the band. saw them last night at the islington academy. funky shit. aaah, twas just like old times..
22nd Feb 2007, 09:45   | tags:comments (0)

al's face brain

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16th Feb 2007, 11:31   comments (0)

schla la las single launch...

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at the fly last night.

top = duloks

bottom = schla la las
16th Feb 2007, 09:34   comments (0)


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went to see this match at craven cottage last night with (amongst others) some korean friends. the korean supporters are awesome! they just scream whenever anyone from their team wins the ball or clears it or runs a bit or anything. lots of singing too, such a nice change from effin and blindin of a league game...

also you'll note i shaved the beard off!
7th Feb 2007, 09:56   comments (4)

clouds at dusk

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over the thames. night mode = ON

i need to save these and do some panoramic potatochopping when i get home i think...
7th Feb 2007, 09:52   comments (0)