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i am a geek child with a hairy man face

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wilkommen in der schweiz

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top = chris, on the chairlift up from grindelwald

bottom = me + the eiger in the background

4th Jan 2007, 15:47   comments (0)

happy new year mobloggers!

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just got back from the top of a mountain

i got you all a present for 2007 - a new car! all you need to do is each chip in a grand and we'll probably have enough to buy it.. then we could share it out, a week each in rotation...
4th Jan 2007, 15:39   comments (1)

trafalgar square

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last night in the misty rain. third shot was taken with night mode on so i could get the features on the lion... looks like he's balancing nelson's column on his nose...

the lighting in the first shot reminds me of ghostbusters for some reason
27th Dec 2006, 09:50   comments (2)


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my bro got me this night frisbee kit - a light up disc & two headsets like this one...

check out THIS VIDEO to see us in action!


hope everyone else had a great xmas..
27th Dec 2006, 09:46   comments (3)

the finished candle

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check it out!
22nd Dec 2006, 10:49   comments (2)

playing with FIRE

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at our team xmas booze up last night al found a new game - put melted bits of wax back on the candle...

he got quite good at it
22nd Dec 2006, 09:41   comments (3)

forced perspective

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see if you can work out what's going on here
21st Dec 2006, 15:04   comments (2)

me in a meeting

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21st Dec 2006, 14:51   comments (1)