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Pictures of my food. The stuff I eat and the things I make with recipes and tips. Plus maybe some restaurant reviews.

Please leave a comment and let me know how it went if you actually tried any of my recipes. thanks!

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Pike pie - St. Johns

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Pike pie for 2 at St Johns Restaurant EC1M.

Absolutely amazing fish pie.

St. Johns is definitely my favourite restaurant in London. Amazing food, strong philosophy, great space, and top service.

Check out their menu (changes daily, ofcourse):

http://www.stjohnrestaurant.co.uk/menus.cfm'> http://www.stjohnrestaurant.co.uk/menus.cfm

19th Feb 2006, 17:43   | tags:comments (1)

Sausage pasta

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The sausages were bought from a farm shop in Cracau just outside of

The saussages were amazing, really dense meaty full of
flavour. A proud british sausage, not the full of water and oil crap
from supermarkets.

The shop won 2nd best in yorkshire at a recent competition for its
sausages. Bloody good.They need to be cooked for a while as they are really thick. I ate several just buy themselves and gave some to my family. The rest I put in a simple tomoto sauce and ate with pasta and parmiagiano.

Just £4.25 for 12 of these. Amazing.

Northern fish and chips

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Northern fish and chips are the best.

The fish was perfect, not oily, just meaty white fish encased in a crispy batter.

From Hillycroft fish and chip shop, LS27.

Winner of best fish and chip award - they take it seriously up there.

£3.25. Amazing food and amazing price.
19th Feb 2006, 17:28   | tags:,comments (24)

Tuna steak with chickpea and green bean salad

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The salad:Chickpeas
Green beans
Yellow pepper
Lots of parsley
Lime juice
29th Jan 2006, 18:43   | tags:,,,comments (4)

Danish sweets

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Spunk - 2 kinds but not the Salty Spunk cos thats too weird for me
Guld bar - 2 kinds
Caramel turtle
Carmal santas (!)
Sorbits - chewing gum
and more

Tak maria!


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6 french snails in garlic butter (2 already eaten).

Next time I'm there, I'm gonna order 12 snails and just eat them with
bread. No main course. A peasent lunch (but decedent).

The Quality Chop House
25th Jan 2006, 03:58   | tags:,,,comments (3)

Bones at St. Johns

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Bone marrow with parsley salad.

I ate it like this: scoop out the marrow from the bones and smear it
on to the toast. Like a really delicious butter.

I think there should have been 10 times more parsley though, i can eat it by the handful. And do.

I ate this in the bar not the restaurant; the owner was at the next table. Old guy.


Pretzel and Pret's winter soup

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13th Dec 2005, 01:53   | tags:,,,comments (0)
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