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Pictures of my food. The stuff I eat and the things I make with recipes and tips. Plus maybe some restaurant reviews.

Please leave a comment and let me know how it went if you actually tried any of my recipes. thanks!

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Borough market

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Ketchup and mustard

13th Aug 2005, 13:17   comments (0)

Late night snack

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Toasted pita
Tomato (splinkled with sea salt)
Flakes of parmigiano

And a glass of pepermint tea (no clean cups)
13th Aug 2005, 03:36   comments (0)

The Easton

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Went to the Easton becuase I've gotten a bit disappointed recently with the eagle - and I've been going too much.

The bread was very poor.

Rib eye steak
Daphinois potatoes

I would have served it on a huge bed of rocket with flakes of parmigiano.

It was so-so. Boring food really.

The Easton

Lots of people in bad suits, thinking they looked really stylish. A girl who laughed in exactly the same way every time her friend said anything. And a guy with a really nice face, there was a warmth about it. Barmaid nice, bar guy really tall and a dreadfully superconfident demeanor. Cheep booze though, and a nice space.

13th Aug 2005, 03:19   comments (0)

Spinach and Pine nut farfalle

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I stole this one from M&S.; Theirs was really good at the beginning but then they changed the recipe and it went downhill from there. Not enough parmigiano.

1/4 cup of olive oil
2/3 bag of Spinached roughly chopped
Toasted pine nuts
Parmiagiano grated and flakes (alot is best)
1/4 jar of Pesto

Boil the pasta, drain and rinse in cold water. Chop the spinach by grabbing a big handfulls then chopping it up.

Mix all the ingredients together.

Store in fridge, eat over the next couple of days. With everything.

Here its with chicken marinated in loads of chillis and a couple of dashes of soy. Barbequed.
13th Aug 2005, 03:07   comments (0)

Indian food

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Its been ages since I've ordered indian food.

I got this by myself, although its soo much better to order lots with friends and share lots of dishes.

Actually I dont remember what I ordered.


Its wasn't very good. The chickpeas were ok though.

I couldn't find the menu of my usual place, so I tried somewhere else, New Dewaniam, SE5.

The menu states that, "LWT, BBC and MPs are regular customers". Maybe even newsagents, plumbers and cashiers too.

I wouldn't bother

13th Aug 2005, 02:53   comments (0)

Fondue camembert

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This is food to die for.

Take a camembert out of its wrapper and pop it back into the box.

Put in the oven 190C, 375F, gas mark 5 for 20-ish minutes.

The cheese is ready when you lift the top of the box and the cheese feels all soft inside.

Lift the lid of the cheese and its all beautifully melted inside.

Season with Pepper.

Serve with:

a bowl of heavily buttered and salted new potatoes
and a french stick if you're really hungry

Dip everything in the cheese.

a good glass of white wine doesn't hurt either

More Eagle

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A disappointing:

Pork Chop
New potatoes with anchovies
Green beans

my companion had:

Roast cod
with beetroot
13th Aug 2005, 02:33   comments (0)

Delicious breakfast

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Probably marmite
Japanese mayonase
Sliced freerange eggs
Sliced plum tomatos
Sea salt
13th Aug 2005, 02:29   comments (0)