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WELCOME at my public diary of my life and work in international children's media and sports from 2005-2010.
No lock. Just watch it.
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Jan-Willem Bult


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Football!, in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

(viewed 489 times)
Watching and playing football in Buenos Aires, during the ALA exchange and my workshops.
(6-12 march 2010)

1. View from the top of La Bonbonera, at Boca Juniors vs Racing (1-2).
2. With Nicolas Schonfeld at Independiente vs River Plate (2-0).
3. Playing football with Nicolas and friends.
16th Mar 2010, 22:24   comments (0)

Coproduction meeting 'Fride and the ship', in Oslo (Norway)

(viewed 435 times)
One day working at the editing of the 10x11' docudrama series, with director Thomas Dubourcq (TV Inter).
(friday 10 february 2010)
16th Mar 2010, 21:51   comments (1)

Berlinale Film Festival, in Berlin (Germany).

(viewed 375 times)
The screening of Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer at the Friedrichstadtpalast.
(12-14 febrary 2010)
16th Mar 2010, 19:38   comments (0)

Basel_Karlsruhe FORUM, in Karlsruhe (Germany).

(viewed 393 times)
BaKaFORUM, the annual international meeting on educational and societal media.
(29 january-2 march 2010)

1. The Global Exchange workshop, where exchanges connect.
2. Aljeandro Escobar (Colombia) one of the moderators of the screenings.
3a. Presenting the special session about 'Football and Media Bridging the Worlds'. Left Sergi Agusti ('One Goal').
3b. With the official World Cup football and Victor Buhler ('Africa Ten').
16th Mar 2010, 10:25   comments (0)

Nominated for Dutch Academy Award - but lost this time, in Hilversum (NL).

(viewed 289 times)
Nominated with youthdocumentary 'Laura & Anne 4 Ever', directed by Susan Koenen, produced for RKK.
(monday 25 january 2010)
16th Mar 2010, 09:35   comments (0)

PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL preselection, in Munich (Germany)

(viewed 802 times)
Preselecting the finalsist for PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL 2010 from over 320 programs.
(23-28 january 2010)

1. My daily point of view at the fiction jury.
2. The fiction jury in full action.
3. All the 'nominators' and staff in the fresh Munich snow.
16th Mar 2010, 09:22   comments (0)

A good laugh with Naruhito, in Tokyo (Japan)

(viewed 470 times)
Remembering a good laugh I had with His Imperial Highness the Crownprince of Japan, in Tokyo after receiving the NHK JAPAN PRIZE last october.
(wednesday 28 october 2009)
25th Dec 2009, 15:01   comments (0)

Premiere of second series of preschool fiction 'Abi', in Amsterdam (NL)

(viewed 284 times)
(wednesday 16 december 2009)
19th Dec 2009, 14:01   comments (0)