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WELCOME at my public diary of my life and work in international children's media and sports from 2005-2010.
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Jan-Willem Bult


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Weekend in Vienna (Austria).

(viewed 646 times)
(3-5 march 2006)

1. My son Kay and me, several minutes before his first flight ever.
2. Zanoni & Zanoni, near Stephansplatz. The best Italian ice in town!
3. Ernst Happel Stadium, press stand. The day before the classic soccer match Rapid vs. Austria (0-3).
4. Ten centimeters of snow in one night.
6th Mar 2006, 13:38   comments (1)

Basel_Karlsruhe_Forum 2006 (Germany). [1/2]

(viewed 550 times)
BaKaFo on educational and societel TV and Multimedia, in Karlsruhe.
(17-21 februray 2006)

1. Producers and educators from Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe.
2. Presentations and discussions.
3. The communication centre.
22nd Feb 2006, 21:56   comments (0)

Basel_Karlsruhe_Forum 2006 in Karlsruhe (Germany). [2/2]

(viewed 681 times)
Running the 3-day workshop 'Authoring an educational children's magazine'.
Participants coming from Tunisia, Colombia, Kosovo, Boznia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Finland, Albania, Japan and India.
22nd Feb 2006, 21:51   comments (0)

Stormvogels/Telstar vs. HFC Haarlem in Velsen.

(viewed 564 times)
Dutch football second league. Final score: 1-4.
(sunday 5 february 2006)
5th Feb 2006, 17:13   comments (0)

KRO 3x selected for Prix Jeunesse, the 'childrens-oscar'.

(viewed 514 times)
How many times to the stage this time...?
(wednesday 1 february 2006)
4th Feb 2006, 11:58   comments (0)

Prix Jeunesse International 2006 selection in Munich (Germany).

(viewed 649 times)
Selecting the programmes for the upcoming 2006 festival.
(20-25 january 2006)

1. The nominators and the Prix Jeunesse team. From left to right:
Jan-Willem (KRO-Netherlands), Kirsten (Prix Jeunesse), Ragna (UR-Sweden), Maya (Prix Jeunesse), David (ACCM-USA), Preben (Denmark), Frank (SuperRTL-Germany), Benjamin (ARD/SWR-Germany), Ian (BBC-UK), Wang (CCTV-China) and two technical assistants.
2. Discussion.
3. Screening.
26th Jan 2006, 19:57   comments (0)

Latin American item exchange in Rio de Janeiro - Day 1/arrival. (1/6)

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(saturday 15 january 2006)

1. Great view towards Sugar Loaf, one of characteristics of Rio.
2. Salsa and samba night at music club Scenarium, downtown Rio, with Beth (TVE Brasil), Veronica (CNTV Chile), Geraldo (Beth's husband) and Rosa (TVE Brasil).
20th Jan 2006, 08:30   comments (0)

Latin American item exchange in Rio de Janeiro - Day 2. (2/6)

(viewed 536 times)
A day to prepare for the meeting. And to get used to 40 degrees Celcius!
(sunday 15 january 2006)

1. Great view from Flamengo beach towards my hotel. Imagine, 24 hours of soccer to watch!
2. At the rehearsel of carnival. From left to right: Anna Patricia and Adelaida from Colombia, Aldana from Argentina.
19th Jan 2006, 20:00   comments (0)