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WELCOME at my public diary of my life and work in international children's media and sports from 2005-2010.
No lock. Just watch it.
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Jan-Willem Bult


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Final edit of 'Growing' (Groeien), in Antwerp (Belgium).

(viewed 240 times)
The team behind the preschool gardening series 'Growing' (Groeien), at facility house Digitaal Geweld in Antwerp.
Left to right: JWB (idea, creative director), Maarten (animation), Hilt (research, directing), Manu (editing).
Unfortunately Roy Kuschel (music) wasn't with us this day.
(monday 5 october 2009)
24th Oct 2009, 17:07   comments (0)

The European Cartoon Forum, in Stavanger (Norway).

(viewed 2130 times)
The annual European for animation series coproduction landed in Stavanger this year.
With over 700 delegates, pitching and contracting new animation productions.
(22-26 september 2009)

1. The Dutch producers gather in the lobby. Left to right: Arnoud Rijken (Il Luster), Bruno Felix (Submarine), Michiel Snijders (Il Luster), Remon Verberne (The Tumblies).
2. Fjord seeing.
3. The 6th edition of the annual soccermatch Broadcasters vs. Producers (7-5).
4th Oct 2009, 15:06   comments (0)

Shooting with EBS Korea filmcrew, on Terschelling (NL).

(viewed 278 times)
Supporting the production of an episode of the documentary series 'The Ice Race'.
A coproduction by Nordisk Film and NRK Norway, together with EBS Korea.
Subject: the incredible story of the survival at Nova Zembla in 1596 of Terschellling born Willem Barentsz and his crew. Location: museum 'Het Behouden Huys' at the island of Terschelling.
(friday 11 september 2009)
14th Sep 2009, 22:21   comments (0)

'Canon van de Nederlandse kindertelevisie', in Hilversum (NL)

(viewed 294 times)
Former Zappelin channel manager Cathy Spierenburg announcing the 50 'best Dutch children's programmes ever'.
Location: 'Beeld & Geluid', Mediapark, Hilversum.
Six KRO programs selected, but none of them produced after the sixties...
No KRO Kindertijd, ZigZag, Knofje or Groot Licht. Shame!
(thursday 10 september 2009)
14th Sep 2009, 20:57   comments (0)

Signing contracts, in Scheveningen (NL).

(viewed 665 times)
Celebrating with DInand the 'Woezel and Pip' contract.
(friday 28 august 2009)
30th Aug 2009, 15:53   comments (4)

Judging the 2009 International Emmy Awards, in Copenhagen (Denmark).

(viewed 309 times)
Locked up in DR's fiction dept. screening room for two days.
(20-21 august 2009)
30th Aug 2009, 15:46   comments (1)

Summerholidays: traditional soccergame at Schiermonnikoog (NL).

(viewed 234 times)
Playing my 9th soccer traditional V.V. De Monnik vs. Balm/Bloemendaal.
This year organised for the 25th time!
(saturday 15 august 2009)
30th Aug 2009, 15:39   comments (0)

Summerholidays: mountainbiking in Aywaille (Belgium).

(viewed 293 times)
(22 july to 7 august 2009)
30th Aug 2009, 15:22   comments (0)