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WELCOME at my public diary of my life and work in international children's media and sports from 2005-2010.
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Jan-Willem Bult


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59. Berlinale Film Festival and 32. Generation, in Berlin (Germany).

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Crowds going in and out in the Zoo Palast, the central location of the 32. Generation children & youth filmfestival during Berlinale.
(14 february 2009)
21st Feb 2009, 11:19   comments (0)

Premiere of KRO preschool featurefilm 'Frogs and Toads' (Kikkerdril), in Amsterdam (NL).

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Cast and crew on stage in the Tuschinski filmtheatre in Amsterdam.
At the premiere party of the new KRO-Lemmingfilm featurefilm 'Kikkerdril' (Frogs & Toads), the first feature length preschool film in a musical roadmovie format.
Written and directed by Simone van Dusseldorp, with Nino den Brave and Whitney Franker (a.k.a. 'Abi') as the maincharacters.
(sunday 8 february 2009)
21st Feb 2009, 11:15   comments (0)

Basel_Karlsruhe Forum on educational and societal media, in Basel (CH).

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In Basel was the 40th-something Basel_Karlsruhe Forum on educational and societal TV and media.
(29 january - 2 february 2009)

1. Full house at the Excellence in Participatory Video workshop in the Wildt'sches Haus.
2. KRO-IJswater preschool dramaseries 'Abi' awarded with the City Of Basel Prize for best school and youth programme, in restaurant Atlantis.
8th Feb 2009, 14:01   comments (0)

Award ceremony of the Dutch Academy Awards, in Hilversum (NL).

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The winners of the annual Beeld & Geluid Awards on stage.
KRO Youth was nominated for best children and youth programme with the preschooldramaseries 'Abi'.
Unfortunately no win this time.
(monday 26 january 2009)
7th Feb 2009, 13:46   comments (0)

The traditional: Royal HFC vs. ex-Oranje Internationals, in Haarlem (NL)

(viewed 708 times)
Former players of the Dutch national team play their traditional New Year soccermatch against Netherlands' oldest amateur club Koninklijke HFC.
Featuring a.o. Dennis Bergkamp, Pierre van Hooydonk, Patrick Kluivert, Frank de Boer.
Final result: 3-3. Orange goals by Orlando Trustfull and Pierre van Hooydonk (penalty + free kick).
(saturday 3 january 2009)
7th Feb 2009, 13:46   comments (0)

Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano & El Universo del Nino Latinoamericano, in Havana (Cuba).

Supporting the development of preschool television in Cuba, during the forum of El Universo del Nino Latinoamericano, in at the Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano festival.
(7-13 december 2008)

1. My preschool programming woorkshop with the national channel and all 14 regional channels.
2. Mi casa.
3. Awarding Ceremony of the 30th Habana Film Festival, in the Karl Marx Theatre.
4. The location where many scenes of Cuba's most famous movie 'Fresa y chocolate' (Strawberries and chocolate) were shot.
5. With Pablo Ramos (red UNIAL) and Jorge Perugorria (main actor of 'Fresa y chocolate') in front of the movie's main location, that now has become restaurant Guarida.
16th Dec 2008, 20:27   comments (0)

International Children's Peace Prize by Kids Rights, in The Hague (NL).

(viewed 590 times)
In the heart of the old Dutch parliament, the Ridderzaal (Knights Hall), archbisshop Desmond Tutu of South Africa handed over the International Childrens Peace Prize 2008 to 17 year old Mayra from Brazil.
(thursday 4 december 2008)
4th Dec 2008, 13:52   comments (0)

Aarau (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Hamburg (Germany) in one week.

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Giving a keynote speach at the Fachhochschule in Aaurau (Switzerland), taking part in an international tv panel in Rome (Italy) and visiting Hamburg for one day to celebrate the UEFA Cup match HSV-Ajax (0-1).
All in one week!
(19, 22, 27 november 2008)

1. Hamburg: preparing for the match HSV-Ajax, with the Gateway 4 M crew, drinking gluhwein at the Weihnachtsmarkt in Hamburg City.
2. Hamburg: great view from the second ring over the Volkspark stadium.
3. Milan: after the international tv panel 'Ragazzi che Tivu!' my friend David Kleeman (USA) ran the Milan marathon.
4. Aarau: the keynote speach about modern quality children's tv in Switzerland.
30th Nov 2008, 12:34   comments (0)