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WELCOME at my public diary of my life and work in international children's media and sports from 2005-2010.
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Jan-Willem Bult


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Dutch popstars at FC Volendam pressconference, in Volendam (NL).

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Young Dutch popstars anouncing their support to the kids club of
their local favourites FC Volendam.
(wednesday 2 july 2008)

Photo from left to right: Jan Smit, the 3 J's, an official, Nick & Simon, a volunteer.
6th Jul 2008, 23:25   comments (0)

Netherlands losing against Russia in UEFA Euro 2008 quarterfinals, in Amsterdam (NL).

(viewed 405 times)
Watching the disaster on tv in the backgarden of my friend Maarten, who celebrated his birthday.
(saturday 21 june 2008)

Photo: disbelieve about the downfall of the Orange machine.
6th Jul 2008, 23:05   comments (0)

Netherlands vs. France at Euro 2008, in Bern (Switzerland).

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(friday 13 june 2008)
What a game. Again! Holland beating the vice-worldchampion.
After the match I stayed as long as possible in the stadium.
Still couldn't believe that Holland just beated France with an amazing and exciting 4-1.
15th Jun 2008, 23:18   comments (1)

Prix Jeunesse International 2008, in Munich (Germany).

(30 may-5 june 2008)
Every second year 'the Oscars of children's television' are selected at Prix Jeunesse International in Munich. There are five age-related categories and several special prizes. And most of all there are screenings, discussions, presentations and football, beer parties, karaoke.
On behalf of KRO I went home with the Prix Jeunesse Unesco Prize for 'Genji', a nomination and second place for 'Outside' and a nomination and third place for 'Adriaan'.

1. The moderators of the international discussion groups present their final report. Left to right: maya Goetz and Kirsten Schneid (both Prix Jeunesse International), Irene Wellershof (ZDF), Pierre Valette (WGBH-USA), Ragna Wallmark (UR-Sweden), Benjamin Manns (ARD/SWR-Germany), Adelaida Trujillo (Citurna-Colombia), Kalle Furst (NRK-Norway).

2. As Polish director Andrzej Maleszka (right) said to me: "Whenever the two of us meet, we always win awards, so let's make a picture together". And that's what we did. Again.

3. Sharing the Prix Jeunesse Unesco Prize with Aldana Duhalde from Argentina, who received the 12-15 category Prix Jeunesse award for Artear SA's 'Sexteens'.

4. Part of my Latin American family. From left: Alejandro Escobar, Patricia Castano (both Citurna-Colombia), Aldana Duhalda (Media Mundo-Argentina), Fernanda Rotondaro (Canal Encuentro-Argentina), Veronica Uman (Naranya-Chile), Monica Dias Pinto (Canal Futura-Brasil).

5. One of many meetings of the Alianza Latino Americano (ALA), to improve chidren's television in the continent by inspiration, cooperation and exchange. Sitting around this table are Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba.
6th Jun 2008, 11:19   comments (0)

EBU item exchange, in Erfurt (Germany)

(viewed 1193 times)
For the last time co-chaired by Kalle Fürst (NRK). Mange tak Kalle!
28th May 2008, 18:37   comments (0)

Suriprofs vs FC Volendam in Olympic Stadium, in Amsterdam (NL).

(viewed 778 times)
(saturday 17 may 2008)
Visiting the annual match between a team of Dutch football
professionals with a Surinam background versus the champion of the second division. The final result was a 3-1 victory for the Suriprofs.
23rd May 2008, 09:28   comments (0)

At the set of new KRO preschoolseries 'Knapper', in Zaandam (NL).

(viewed 670 times)
(sunday 18 may 2008)
Director Frans Lases, surrounded by all 'his' kids in front of the Knapper shop.
Knapper is a slightly anarchistic preschool live action series in which preschoolers paint the faces of authorities in the Knapper (Prettier) shop.
19th May 2008, 10:37   comments (0)

Eurovision Summit, in Luzern (Switzerland).

(viewed 1291 times)
(5-9 may 2008)

1. French director Jean-Jacques Annaud talking about visual storytelling.
2. Left to right: Tim Cenius (DR, Denmark), Laura di Nitto (RAI, Italy), Hyunsook Chung (ABU, South Korea).
3. Screening and evaluation at the EBU documentary exchange.
12th May 2008, 22:01   comments (0)