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My pasion lies on two heels but due to circumstances out of my controll i have been out of a ride for many years (boo hoo, sob sob) but the dream lives on...(yippieeee)
A keen photographer and love tinckering on the computer (which brings me to why im doing this).

I have been known to be a little bit wierd and crazy in the days of my youth (an acceptable amount, the amount just before you think about calling the men in white coats) but the age thing has kicked all that nonsence to touch...i think

I have also dabbled in poetry a bit. Well mostly in the days of my youth, when i was blinded by love, lost in the avenues of romance, each leading to a unique but familiar ending....

Back to reality, once i have figured out how to post to this page i can show you some of my work. Enjoy...

Kind regards, peace and love to all...

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Graffiti in Cringle Park

Went for a walk today in the local park and come across 'these youths' graffiting this building... you may think this sounds like trouble but no, quiet the opposite.

Commissioned by the local council, these artists are giving a once drabb, boring building a face lift into something portraying the spirit of this great local park.
All who walked by stopped to look and even talk to the artist...

Today they are just working on one wall of this building and will be working on the whole building in the near future, carring on the theme portrayed on this side.

Will post on their progress as and when.
20th May 2007, 18:39   comments (2)

The Fog

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This is one of my all time fav films and has always managed to freek me out, ever since i first watched it many moons ago when i sayed awake all night hiding under my convers, watching the shadows of a tree on the curtains which the moon left. This tree grew in one of my neighbours back garden....yeh it was a huge thing.
Anyway, while watching the remake... yes i know i should not have but i am borred and insomnia has kicked in so there you go... thus im rambling... no not walking rust... anyway!WARNING: for those like me who loved the 1980's version, do not watch the remake. Its dull, no atmosphere and outright boring. I should stop watching but cumpulsion stops me because now i realy want to see how bad this remake realy is. Kind if like when someone says they have farted but still you hang around to smell the sink and then take emergency evaculation procedure to get the f... out ! Anyway besides the actress arnt that bad looking.
13th May 2007, 03:17   comments (0)


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We all should do our best to find this little girl. I hope this can help to get the news to those few who have not heard, as hard as it seems. Please feel free to copy and post it on your pages. Alternately you can go to the sky news web site and download it from there.
Many thanks and lets hope this little girl can be reunited with her loving family.
11th May 2007, 20:43   comments (6)

Getting Old

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A poster i saw at my yougest daughter's nursery.
Never a truer word spoken.
9th May 2007, 17:44   comments (1)

Thourght Provoking

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This picture is part of an advertisement i saw and thourght it would be worth saying a few word about.

Positive thourght! Say we choose to omit the word 'NO' in our every day life and instead used other words to portray what we mean, how can it change us or make us a better person.

Well it occured to that for one we would be thinking more in a positive way. It is less harsh and make us come across more warmer to others, even if are rejecting a proposal/offer of some sort.It may even encourage debate and so help us communicate more with others.

The word NO! is such a strong word and used all too easily.

In particular, the way we talk to children! By injecting positive thourght in the way we communicate with them, gives them more confidence and encouragement.

Well i suggest you give it a go for a day and let me know.
Howevery if the situation demands it than by all means use the word no, like for instance when approached by a Jehovah's witness, even then they dont get the message and still want to convert me to a Christian....just kidding, no offense intended and appologies to any Jehovah's Witness followers who feel offended.
9th May 2007, 06:49   comments (7)

Alaxandria Park in Stockport

While going for a drive we stumbled across this great park with a great lake, where people went to fish. This also attracts the local wild life.
In one of the pics i managed to photo a crane as it fly past the lake. We also came a cross a patch where there were soo many daisies, the most i have ever seen in one place.
Great place to take the kids, as there are pick-nick benches and a kids play area.
8th May 2007, 12:51   comments (1)

Graffiti of Green Street

2nd May 2007, 07:28   comments (2)

Graffiti of Green Street

For updated pics of the grand opening, check out DocD's blog page
2nd May 2007, 07:28   comments (1)
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