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Dark Souls Miniatures Conversions

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My next two dark souls mini conversions are the Four Kings and the Stray Demon. I'm pleased to say they're shaping up nicely! Quelaag was a piece of cake compared to these.

The thing I love about doing conversions is that you really have to dare to break the model and potentially waste everything in your pursuit of your idea.

I've hacked up a lot of beautiful expensive models. Every cut of the original piece was has been terrifying, all just so you can get closer and closer to the original resemblance. For example. I just had to rip the original screaming face off the Four Kings to replace it with the more passive one - even though the original model's face is so cool. Hacking it off a live model to replace with another face that you have only your gut to tell you might work better frays your nerves. But you have to do it because if you don't, it won't be the thing you're trying to create. It's weird how you know exactly what you want to do, but it's only trial and error that actually gets you there.

You can feel like a pointless perfectionist but when it really starts to look like the real thing you just glow inside.

You could say it's just like dark souls really. Making the bosses is as tough and rewarding as defeating them in the first place. You have to die a little lots of times and change strategy before you can break through.
29th Sep 2014, 07:51   comments (1)

Fingers crossed

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Spoke to some developers today. Amazingly they run an agency that specifically specializes in Django and Python. I thought people like that didn't exist any more. That's what my experience was teaching me at least. To my imagination, they occurred to me to be like the last bastion of Django developers. They know a 150 of them! They even run a Python conference! Like an undiscovered island of a lost people with ancient knowledge.

Anyway, no progress specifically. But the door may yet crack ajar and let some light in.
23rd Sep 2014, 23:59   comments (2)


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11th Sep 2014, 02:06   comments (2)


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Helicopter trapped in a spiders web.
7th Sep 2014, 13:39   comments (3)

Offline dating site

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This is second time I've seen this. It seems like a weird art project - making a point about offline dating or something.
8th Aug 2014, 20:25   comments (0)

Asylum Demon Dark Souls Miniature Conversion

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Warhammer giant and bits from high elf dragon and river trolls and still got to get my hands on a jabberslythe. Work in progress and I'll need to use green stuff for first time, but I like the direction it is going.
2nd Aug 2014, 22:01   comments (0)

Dark Souls Four Kings Warhammer Treeman Ancient Conversion

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Work in progress
2nd Aug 2014, 21:59   comments (0)

Quelaag Dark Souls Warhammer Spider Conversion

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I'm pleased how she turned out!

Defeating this boss is a turning point in the game and she's not easy. I think I felt like I had to honour the moment somehow :)

Warhammer Goblin attack spider mashed with a reaper mini super heroine - and converted sword-hand.

I'm new to converting, but it's so much fun as it's quite risky. My first ever conversions are here and here.

But now I'm doing bosses from Dark Souls. Also working on a Asylum Demon and The Four Kings (well, one of them).
2nd Aug 2014, 21:40   comments (1)