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Bathroom tiles- mmmm tasteful!

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Now you begin to see why the bathroom needs renovating! Original 1950s
bathroom feature tiles in lavender.
3rd Apr 2009, 11:00   | tags:,,comments (6)

Fish 'n chips at Marourbra Beach NSW

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Three weeks into my homelessness has been fascinating... but don't
worry... a kind soul took me in and I have a nice safe place to be. Will
be moving into my real place on Saturday and I'm NEVER moving again! The
next journey is 'renovation'!

The photos are of Maroubra Beach in Sydney- a beautiful place on a sunny
day to have fish and chips and feed the seagulls.


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I can't believe it's finally over and I got it! I've been looking at this
house for nearly 12 months and finally I got it at auction yesterday. Now if
only the bank would let me move in BEFORE I become temporarily homeless..
22nd Feb 2009, 06:48   comments (7)


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A couple of photos doing the rounds after the Victorian fires. Very cute
and very special, but these poor babies have been very badly burnt and
will have serious recovery issues.
13th Feb 2009, 03:08   | tags:,,,comments (6)

And in contrast

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Unbelievably, there was a hail storm last night! This weather is insane!
9th Feb 2009, 22:35   comments (2)

Satuday in Glenbrook

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This the temp guage in my car showing the ambient temp in Glenbrook. A few seconds earlier it was reading 45C.

Monday morning's news continues to bring much sadness: over 108 people now confirmed dead.
8th Feb 2009, 20:18   comments (7)

Day 2: Days from hell- getting worse 8am

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The news this morning is devastating. 25 confirmed dead in fires in Victoria
with at least 15 more unconfirmed. NSW gets Victoria's weather patterns
about 1-2 days later. We'll have their Day from Hell today - Sunday 8 Feb
09. Expecting 44C+.

The a/c died last night. I'm really hoping it's just having a tantrum and
will come back on when I try it again later.

Got an eviction notice on Friday - complicated house owner issues - not with
me, but I'm about to be homeless again until I can find a place to buy. UGH!
Timing is everything!

Edit: 12pm 33C and climbing

Edit: 4pm 42C and 23pc humidity. 36 confirmed dead in Victoria and over 625 houses burnt down - figures too horrendous to begin to picture! At least still no fires in the Blue Mountainst.

Edit: 9pm 32C. Over 700 houses burnt down and 66 confirmed dead in Victoria. This is the worst bushfires ever seen in modern day Australia. I have no words.

The day from HEll 2pm

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I think my thermometer is broken cause this is not the right temp- its
definitely hotter than 39!

Edit: 4pm top score of 42C.

10pm still 26C- going to be a long hot night with masive day ahead tomorrow: 44+C and high winds. I can't believe there haven't been fires here in this weather. Every pyromaniac in the mountains must have a policeperson sitting next to them!
7th Feb 2009, 05:10   comments (8)