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A Week in Aviemore

Consisted mainly of beer, pizza, Singstar, Buzz & Tiger Woods 2004.

Did a little mountain biking around a loch and took a trip up the Cairngorm funicular railway to the Ptarmigan - the highest restaurant in the UK. Splendid.

Also went past Findo Gask. Twice.

Believe the shot in the car was taken during either Meat Loaf's I Will Do Anything For Love, or David Ford's cover of Cry Me A River.
28th Mar 2008, 09:11   comments (4)

The Tit & The Moon

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Spotted at The Norwich Millennium Library...

"A 9-year-old boy, frustrated by his newborn brother's claim on their mother's breasts, makes a plaintive appeal to the moon for a breast of his own, which soon arrives in the form of a French cabaret performer and her besotted, jealous husband"

Sounds compelling doesn't it?

- Taken at 6:18 PM on March 03, 2008 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu
3rd Mar 2008, 18:16   | tags:comments (4)


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Its such a small, miniscule piece of work that stirs such emotions, that big, bloated epics many times fail to do.

The plot is as simple as it gets - a chance meeting and a week of music making. The acting is extremely minimalist and realistic; we sort of get the feeling that our two stars are very much like the characters they play in real life.

And the music is just incredible! I'm a fan some of the Irish folk genre like The Frames and Damien Rice, but anybody can connect to the absolutely amazing and beautiful music Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova create throughout the film. Deep, resonant, extremely sad but so incredibly emotional, this is really amazing and beautiful work to listen to.

My favourite scene was when the band perform When Your Mind's Made Up in the studio - utterly captivating.

Best movie soundtrack since Garden State & Lost In Translation methinks. If you haven't seen it, bloody well do so!

Picture from

iPod Touch 32GB :)

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A lovely new iPod Touch 32GB has now set up shop in my house :)

Now, just gotta figure out jailbreaking 1.1.3...

And wtf is all this SDK lark all about? Apparently its coming out 8th March - does it mean people will then be able to design apps for the iPhone & iPod Touch that can be added without jailbreaking?


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I like adding 'age' to the end of most words.

Made a return to snowboarding last night after a 2 year hiatus following a couple of cracked ribs and a badly bruised coccyx / arse.

Still a bit nervous but have conquered heel side again - next week, toe side :)

Seems pretty easy to restart again to be honest.
29th Feb 2008, 08:56   comments (1)

Cromer Morning

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Yep, another sunrise was captured at the weekend. All I've been doing photography-wise of late :)
11th Feb 2008, 10:14   | tags:,,,,comments (20)

Sunrise this morning @ Gt Yarmouth

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Yep, another coastal sunrise. Got a train from Norwich @ 5.36 and was home by 9. Efficient I hear you say? Thanks :)

Website help...

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Yep, another plea for help from the technical geniui on here...

I've decided to finally create a website to host my photography an' that.

Couple of questions...

1. I have limited experience of Dreamweaver and Flash but am a very fast learner. I have both Flash & Dreamweaver MX on my iMac.

I guess I've got to consider which to use, or incorporate a bit of Flash into Dreamweaver etc.
Does anybody have any recommendations as to useful tutorials and whatnot - I don't want to create a shite high-school-IT-project type site which many online resources seem to offer. I have quite a clear idea but just need to get the ball rolling. Someone suggested for learning code etc.

2. My name is a bit crap as a domain name for several reasons...
Most people misspell Osbourn and either leave out the 'u' or add an 'e'

And it just doesn't really, well, look that good. Adding something like 'photography' to the end doesn't really help it.

So I need to come up with a witty domain name really. I quite like 'silentboulevard' because it is a bloody good Tom McRae song and when I think about it, I imagine a nice black site design with light opaque fonts etc which is exactly what I want really.

3. Finally, any preferred domain name companies or are they all pretty much the same. Someone mentioned
Thanks to anyone who can be arsed to reply - the majority of my posts of late have been whiny asks for helpness :)
17th Jan 2008, 17:29   comments (21)