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Shattered Bokeh

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I like the word 'bokeh'
bokeh bokeh bokeh!
16th Jan 2008, 16:01   comments (1)

Happisburgh "Sunrise"

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Got up at 5 Sunday morning to shoot the sun rising on the East-Norfolk coast.

Unfortunately, the sun decided to have a day off instead to spent a few hours taking pictures of the moody-looking beach and getting to grips with my new ND Grad filters.

Not bad results, but wish there weren't so many clouds preventing the Sun poking its big smily face through!

Oh, and Happisburgh is pronounced Hays-borough. Or Hays-bruh if you're a Norfolkian :)
14th Jan 2008, 12:12   | tags:,,,,comments (17)


(viewed 681 times)
Thoroughly enjoyed this book! Entertaining but somewhat strange in its attempts to be quirky & original.

Coupland doesn't mind making his readers pay for 41 pages (!) covered with decimals of pi. Other pages are filled with chinese characters; the 8,363 prime numbers between 10,000 and 100,000; brand names; listings of product ingredients, and what not.

Have read his latest one, The Bubblegum Thief which was pretty good too. Microserfs next methinks...
11th Jan 2008, 09:42   comments (10)

Headphone Help

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More assistance required from the moblog oracle pleasethankyou :)

My sony in-ear phones are knackered and have decided to investigate a new pair of some sort. Would rather opt for headphones this time and the Bose range look pretty good. When you listen to as much music via headphones as I, the price doesn't really come first.

Bearing in mind that I am deaf in both ears (1 ear is hearing aided, the other not - so in short, I just have one 'good' ear and I suppose hear in mono! Bloody ears!) I have to take my hearing aid out when listening to music but it is generally loud enough for me (and most people around me)

For aural goodness, I really need a pair of headphones that both comfortable for long listening periods; are not so big that I smack people in the face when I walk past them and are great quality. Given my hearing state, I don't hear the quality as well as others but I don't want phones with not much balance i.e. extra bass-y at the low end etc. Of course this can be corrected somewhat using an equalizer but...

Can anyone offer advice on the best headphones you've used so I can check them 'oot? Would be greatly appreciated :)

(Images courtesy of google images search - Bose QCs from other Bose Phones from
3rd Jan 2008, 12:16   comments (5)

New camera gear :)

(viewed 673 times)
1. The 18-200mm VR lens
2. Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod
3. Manfrotto 322RC2 ball head

Muchos happiness was had upon picking them up from Warehouse Express showroom in Norwich :o)

By the way, that hideous bedsheet isn't mine - my friend has bad taste
3rd Dec 2007, 12:08   comments (8)

Dusk Trails

(viewed 621 times)
Taken from the base of Norwich Castle looking towards St Stephens with the infamous Rampant Horse Street to the right.
23rd Nov 2007, 15:19   comments (3)

Norwich Night

(viewed 1259 times)
Proves why a tripod is essential :)

(Obviously not for a cameraphone! The E65 camera is so shite I never intend to use it. I'd rather sit there and draw it in my own blood)

[EDIT] If you squint, you can see a light trail from a passing cyclist. Lovely [/EDIT]
23rd Oct 2007, 09:01   | tags:,,comments (2)

F*%$ing "Wireless" Router - Help!!!11

(viewed 967 times)
Oh mighty Moblog oracle, your assistance is requested once again. I've had this router for about a couple of years with my iMac and its been fine, only disconnected very occasionally, but acceptable. Now, and for the last month or so, it has been disconnecting from the ISP about every 5 minutes and will not reconnect immediately. Usually have to wait for about 10 minutes at least in order to attempt to connect successfully again. I don't know whether its because someone in our block of flats (we live in a huge converted manor house) is being a tit or their BT Homehub is interfering with it p'raps? When I seach for a WLAN, it almost always comes up with the BT Homehub connection that is somewhere in the building.

Maybe its the ISP? (Virgin)

Routers / Networks aren't my forte so would appreciate some advice so I don't keep contemplating sticking wet fingers in sockets everytime it disconnects whilst downloading, erm, legal stuff.
Fank yoo :)

So far, when asking the Moblog Oracle, I've bought an iMac, a Nikon D80 and a LaCie external HDD. So feel free to suggest better options if its likely to be the router! :)
16th Oct 2007, 15:58   comments (12)