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mini glovelets

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finally I got my friend to pose for me with her gloves on. I managed
to finish them just as the weather turned nice.
19th Apr 2007, 17:22   comments (0)

on the bread bandwagon

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mainly Spelt flour with 1 cup of strong white.mixed herbs and garlic with olive oil in a paste spread over the dough, add
sliced Brie and roll up.It was very tasty but also slightly under cooked because I'm not used to
making loaves.
12th Apr 2007, 19:46   comments (3)

my mum

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My mum is wonderful and special strong supportive and a great matriarch for the family.

After recovering from Breast Cancer and a mastectomy in 2005 we heard last week that cancer has come back, this time in her lungs. She's never smoked or done anything to excess. A clean life and the joy of family have been all she's wanted. The first bout of treatment starts tomorrow and the chemotherapy will go on for 18 weeks. Mum has the strength to go through with it and fight to make sure she has more time to spend with her children and grand children, just like Izzy here.

I don't think I can put in to words how much I love and respect her as a person and as a mother and grandmother. Here's to show we shall all fight the good fight for her, for us and for a happy life.
11th Apr 2007, 10:37   comments (7)

let the needles out of your hands

(viewed 1378 times)
and immediately have a cat using them to pick his nose.

blue toes!

(viewed 816 times)
and my first ever sock.
7th Apr 2007, 23:54   comments (9)


(viewed 691 times)
only 3 of the 6 stayed whole. boo!
7th Apr 2007, 23:50   comments (0)

plaster of paris eggs

(viewed 734 times)
still in halves. They hopefully will become chalks
7th Apr 2007, 23:44   comments (0)


(viewed 711 times)
I'm in your garden sniffing your plants
31st Mar 2007, 16:53   comments (3)