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play with me!

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Erasmus, all grown up but still acting like a kitten.
He is the best cat in the world. I do love the way he's far too human and is very very loving for a cat. He still plays fetch and loves the stairs in the new house.
14th Mar 2007, 13:53   comments (3)

katamari damarcy ee e eeeeee

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I bought a Katamari from Etsy. Its the bestest.see here for bigger and more info on where to get your own:
flickr link
14th Mar 2007, 13:48   comments (3)

3 feet high and falling....

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oohh nice tickets. Shame about the rather stupid mistake...
25th Oct 2006, 14:58   | tags:,,,comments (1)

how low can you hang your trousers?

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really this is just rediculous.
I dont understand the fasion for dangly trousers. Especially when you're having to tug them back up over your knees every 10 yards. I followed a guy down the road the other day and he couldnt get more than 10 yards without pulling his trousers up. why not just wear them properly or get yourself some MC hammer pants.
This is a prime example and makes me giggle because his waistband is below hers and she's a foot shorter than him.
7th Feb 2006, 16:25   comments (10)


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I got wet on the way to work this morning. This means frizzy curls around my head. I think I look like an odd medusa type.
11th Jan 2006, 14:22   comments (8)

gold dust

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aka a cross over cable.

I've not had one of these for a long time!

it makes part of my job just an iccle bit easier. considering I have no crimpers
9th Nov 2005, 17:10   comments (3)


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well let us know if you're coming, its in the 4rthur pub scheduler.
either register or send me a mail.

a picture of us kindly made for us by tartmonkey.
3rd Nov 2005, 17:39   comments (0)


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does not always look this grumpy. infact he was mid smirk.
27th Oct 2005, 15:57   comments (3)